Iron Physical Therapy Moved!


But don't worry, we're just headed a few blocks down the road to a building we purchased at 474 Bloomfield Ave. in Caldwell. Our new space will allow us to really put down roots in this community and provide better service than ever.

Our "soft" opening was Monday, March 31st, but we'll let you know when we're having an official open house to show off the new digs. As always, you are welcome to drop by and say hello anytime.

Once again, we want to thank you for making this such a rewarding place to practice physical therapy. Our patients and the local businesses we work with are the hardest working, most loyal and generous people ever.

In case you like the short version...



2013: The Year in Review

2013-year-in-review It's been an exciting year at IronPT and we feel incredibly blessed to have connected with so many people in our clinic, community and online.

As entrepreneurs, we usually go full speed ahead but the end of the year is the perfect time to pause and reflect on how far we've  come.

Here are some of the highlights of 2013:

We saw our practice double in size for the 2nd year in a row!


We were quoted twice in Runner's World Magazine and recognized locally as one of the "Best PT Clinics"  in Essex County.

runner's world magazine quotes dr. Mayes on injury prevention

We added yoga classes to keep our community in tip top shape. Only one spot left in our 6-week series starting Jan. 7!


We teamed up with Fleet Feet Montclair and Essex Running Club to directly support our local runners

Running Tips for Fleet Feet Montclair

We continued to support CWC Soccer and all things Chiefs!


Hosted 1st "Iron Half Marathon" after Jersey Shore Half cancelled

Iron Physical Therapy Half Marathon

Dr. Mayes earned certifications in Active Release Technique and Selective Functional Movement Assessment

For the first time an "Iron Team" participated in the Fitzgerald's 5K


We continued our efforts to stay connected with the many people who touch us through Facebook, Twitter, and the Blog. In case you missed them, here were the most popular blog posts in 2013

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 2.40.20 PM

Most importantly, we had the privilege to partner with our patients on their journey to get better and be better. They are what make this place and this work so special. Together we battled injury and setbacks and PAIN. We honor each person who walked through our doors and showed us what real courage and perseverance looks like.  


Stay tuned for another exciting year in 2014! Lots of great things on the horizon... you'll be the first to know.


Best Sports Bra.

 mer headshotBy Meri Mayes


I am active.

I have real breasts that have ranged from 34C to 36DD.

I have had two children.

I need a good sports bra.

I am tired of  trying on hundreds of sports bras that are labeled "high impact", but do nothing. I had resorted to buying size small and wearing two at a time which looked and felt miserable.

I was recently shopping for running shoes at a local specialty store ( and saw a sign that said, "Are you wearing the right sports bra?" I knew the answer to this question and asked the salesperson for help. She led me to the rack of sports bras where I saw the usual "high impact" tag dangling. I was skeptical but headed to the dressing room for my fitting.

To my surprise, I was able to put on the bras without pulling my shoulder out of the socket, and the girls stayed perfectly in place as I jogged around the store.

Victory!!! I brought two different styles of Moving Comfort sports bras (Maia and Juno) and have been test driving them with running, cycling, etc. over the last two months. They have held up perfectly. The straps do stretch a bit, but they have that covered because you can adjust them to be shorter to keep everything high and dry.

So...don't give up but if you actually NEED a sports bra, but you will probably going to shop at a specialty store.

Anybody else find a sports bra they love?

How I Lost 40 pounds and Got in the Best Shape of My Life!

By Linc Jenkins

This is me at age 16 modeling my speedo for the high school yearbook.  I remember it well because as you can imagine, I was not thrilled about the image of myself in a bikini bottom being captured for 1600 of my classmates to see.

linc swim team circle

At 6'4", I always had a pretty lean build, until my late 20's, when I started lifting weights and paying more attention to nutrition. In college I was about 235 after putting on about 15 pounds of muscle.

In my early 30's, I had a lot going on in my life and  stopped working out and developed some bad habits.  One of those being eating massive amounts of food late at night.  Have you seen the movie Gremlins?  Remember what happens to the little Mogwai's when you feed them after midnight?  Well, the result is not positive and the same can be said for myself.  Over time my size 38 pants no longer fit and the scale was reading 275.  My wakeup call came in the form of a trip to Macy's to buy some new dress pants and coming home with waist size 42.  I had had enough and it was time to get back on a healthy track.

Here's a picture of me at almost 300 lbs. Not many photos of that time!

linc heavy

I really like slogans because they are a good way to not only remember things easily but also to keep things simple, which is important for me.  So, I'll use a few well known slogans to share some of what has worked for me.

Monkey See Monkey Do 

Random story. During a swim meet in high school , my teammates once overheard an opponent who I had just beaten in the 50 free referring to me as "King Kong".  I guess the thought of monkeys and and my yearbook picture sparked that memory.

linc diving

So, even though I actually have been described in likeness to a primate before (insert sarcasm), this has nothing to do with monkeys. It is about inspiration and finding someone to emulate which can help you get started and visualize your  goals.

My inspiration to get into working out was Tony Gonzalez (Gonzo), an NFL tight end who now plays for the Atlanta Falcons. I'm an avid fantasy football player and back in 2004, Gonzo was my man. Any of you who happen to partake in fantasy football know what I mean.  That guy who produces week after week for your squad and whose name always seems to end up on your roster, year after year.  One could call it a man crush.


So I had just started working out with weights and saw a clip on TV of Gonzo incline pressing 100 lb dumbbells.  At the time I couldn't even come close to putting that kind of weight up, but seeing Gonzo do it inspired me and I told myself that there was no reason why I couldn't do the same thing one day.  This was a major turning point for me because a benchmark was set (pun intended) and I now had a specific goal to work towards.

You Are What You Eat 

This is coming from a guy whose family nicknamed him the "garbage disposal" because of the quantities of food I consumed and the speed at which I did so.  I had to "upgrade" to a deluxe meal plan in college, because two all-u-can eat meals a day at Chapel Hill's Lenoir Dining Hall was not enough. A typical snack for me was a Mrs Freshens honey bun that had been marinating in the vending machine in the basement of Alexander Residence Hall. Now, this strategy worked for me when I was 19; however, in my early 30's, not so much.

One of my favorite cartoons back in the day was GI Joe.  Each episode concluded with a short public service announcement where a GI Joe hero would come acrossUnknown-1 some kid acting a fool and offer expert GI Joe advice.  After being quickly educated in the school of common sense, the kid would enthusiastically mutter "now I know!"  This would then of course cue the GI Joe theme music and the hero responded with the coin phrase "And knowing is half the battle".

Well, call me Cobra Saboteur because I'm rolling with this phrase when it comes to proper nutrition and fitness results. My experience has always been that working out is only half the battle.

When I got serious about working out in my late 20's, I also drastically changed my diet. I'm no nutritionist, but over the years I've found some healthy foods high in protein and low in fat that I like eating, and I stick to them.  I throw in a protein bar for a morning snack every day and whey protein shakes after working out.  Once again, a key point here is that I like what I eat and it gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that my body will function better as a result.

Stay  in Your Lane

This is actually a Dr Mayes saying that I really like and figured would be appropriate to close with.  For me, this has to do with genetics and body type. Whenever someone compliments me or asks me what I did to get in shape, I always start with giving props to my DNA.  Even before I knew how to spell working out, I had reasonably muscular arms; this came from Ralph Jenkins and Debra Fraley (may they rest in peace), not anything that I did.  On the same token, I had hip surgery at age 13 due to a bone tumor and now face possible knee replacement at age 37 due to severe arthritis in my knees.  So I'm gonna go out on a limb and  proclaim that I'm not an ideal candidate to be a marathon runner.  My body seems to respond well to strength training, and I enjoy it, so that's the lane I've chosen.

I'll leave you with my "after" picture which includes my amazing wife of 10 years!

lis and linc

Note about the author: Many people in town think Linc and Dr. Geno Mayes are brothers (or the same person-ha), but in fact they are only related through marriage. Linc is not only family (his wife runs the IronPT office),  but he has also been a patient from time to time. Even cooler, his arm is featured on the home page. We are thrilled that he has spilled some of his secrets for us and will definitely have him contribute again to share more about his diet and workout.

Runner's World Quotes Dr. Mayes

Woohoo! We made the Runner's World list of most memorable tips. Click here to check out #19 from your very own@DrMayesPT, Geno Mayes, D.P.T., owner of Iron Physical Therapy, Caldwell, NJ

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 2.59.38 PM

Moms: The Ultimate Healthcare Advocates

Moms....We see you, we hear you, we salute you! Unknown

We hope you had a wonderful mother's day, and we want to extend special thanks to all of the amazing moms we encounter at IronPT.

We thank you for trusting us to provide exceptional care for your kids (young and old). We thank you for doing your research, sharing your insight and advocating for the ones you love most.

We know that your teenagers  (and even some healthcare providers) may roll their eyes when they see you coming, but we consider you an integral part of our team. Never stop insisting that you and your family get the care you deserve.

We gratefully honor you!

* This post is dedicated the the biggest warrior mom we know! You are amazing  Margaret!


Stay in Your Lane - Ego vs. Injury

I've been treating a lot of heavy duty athletes and CrossFitters lately, and I find myself ending sessions with the same advice... "STAY IN YOUR LANE!"


You know that're in the middle of a workout and your body's telling you something's not quite right, but your ego's telling you to keep going. This is especially true in a group fitness setting.

I am not referring to a mental roadblock (a.k.a., fear) here, but a physical one. You distinctively feel that part of your body is weak and vulnerable.

In these critical injury prevention moments, it's important to listen to your body and STAY IN YOUR LANE. What does this mean?


  • Set your own goals (e.g., mileage, weight, etc.) and stick to them. Don't get sidetracked and dangerously veer in and out of your lane because you see people whizzing past you.
  • Compete with yourself! You can be in your own lane and still go faster and harder. Challenging yourself is part of the thrill!
  • Workout with people (e.g. running group, CrossFit gym, fitness class) who value injury prevention, mobility and openly advocate modifications. Move on if you are not in a supportive environment.
  • Don't give up and take the nearest exit. Keep moving forward! Modify your workout, cross train, rehab when necessary.
  • Accept that your lane is unique! You may have a dirt road with potholes and someone else might have beautiful new pavement, but your lane can still take you on an exciting adventure.
  • Find joy in your own progress. Enjoy the ride!