Runner Recovers From Surgery

Runner Recovers From Surgery

Wendy has faced adversity with determination and zest for life. Her passion for movement and running is contagious. She worked tirelessly in therapy and at home to get back out on the road as quickly as possible. Read how she did it here.

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Fool Proof Way to Tie Your Running Shoes!

A patient recently showed me an awesome new shoe tie method! It was so great, I convinced him to create a YouTube Tutorial so other runners (and everyone) could benefit! Shoe Tie MethodI've tried many methods, but this one is secure and comes undone with just one easy pull.

Game changer, especially with the kiddos!

Thanks for sharing Jackson!

Direct You Tube Link -

2014: Year in Review



In 2014, we saw our business grow over 70%!

When we opened our doors almost four years ago, we dreamed of creating something radical...highly personalized healthcare. We believed people were as tired of the big box approach as we were. We also believed that athletes would respond positively to being treated by other athletes. We are so grateful to be part of a community that has embraced this philosophy. We would not be able to do any of this without your loyalty and support.

We purchased a building in Caldwell so that we could continue to grow and really put down roots in the community we love so much!

We hired four new staff members, including another Doctor of Physical Therapy, who really share the vision of our practice and provide our patients with the highest level of care. These people are amazing!

We continued our partnership with Fleet Feet Montclair and Essex Running Club to support our local runners. It was a thrill to see so many of our patients complete 5Ks, half/full marathons and IRONMANs this year. 

We hosted our 2nd annual 9-mile training run, the IRON9!

We further established ourselves as a leader in CrossFit consultation and rehab. It was amazing to see our athletes at every level reach new heights. It was especially exciting to see three of our staff members compete this year!!

We provided top level treatment for our middle school, high school and college athletes including sponsorship of CWC Soccer and several adult leagues.

For the third year in row, we were nominated as one of the Best Physical Therapy clinics in Essex County!

Our Doctors completed additional certifications to stay on top of their game!

Dr. Mayes earned certifications in Spinal Manipulation, Active Release Technique (Spine) and attended the Donny Shankle Weightlifting Seminar.

Dr. Wortman earned certifications in the McKenzie Method and became certified as a CrossFit Level I Trainer.

Most importantly, we had the privilege to partner with our patients on their journey to get better and be better. We honor each person who walked through our doors and showed us what real courage and perseverance look like.

Stay tuned for another great year in 2015! Lots of exciting things on the horizon...

Runners: Physical Therapy NOT Just For Serious Injuries

How One Runner Incorporates Physical Therapy

Paige is one of our favorite patients of all time! She is an outstanding patient (commited, hard-working, optimistic and compliant), but more than that, she is fascinating. It's not everyday that we meet a runner, knitter, entrepreneur, designer, writer and more who makes us belly laugh and inspires us to embrace who we really are.

She's also a master at using her resources. Paige understands the value of using a coach/expert in different areas of life to keep her focused and moving forward. In PT, we do that literally. Instead of waiting until her pain gets out of control, she comes in for just a few visits to ensure a proper diagnosis, quickly resolve an issue and be directed regarding self-treatment. We love that!!


As I mentioned, Paige is also a talented writer. You can read her fantastic blog here

In other exciting news, Paige just launched a running apparel company that fittingly specializes in wool designs. Here is a sneak peak at some designs that will be available next fall:

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.40.53 AM

In her own words…

Three words to describe me...Quick-witted, Big-hearted, Loyal

What brought you to PT? I initially came to Iron PT to resolve a lingering hip issue. At that time I had been in PT (elsewhere) for over a month, but felt stymied and frustrated as there had been no improvement. I remembered seeing Dr. Mayes' blog through the Essex Running Club's website, liked what I saw, and figured I really had nothing to lose.

At my first appointment, Dr. Mayes did the most complete assessment I have ever had, either from an MD or any other health professional, and we got to work with a variety of strengthening and stretching exercises and then the dreaded GRASTON and ART therapies.

For this injury, I saw Dr. Mayes about twice a week for a few weeks, and sure enough, the hands-on therapies and the strengthening/stretching routines he prescribed kicked the injury to the curb.

How have you benefitted from PT?

I had always thought that PT was reserved for folks with very serious injuries or those recovering from surgery; I never considered it as something I could (or should) incorporate into my routine.

Ever since my hip injury, which required about a month of regular PT, I've used Iron PT when different areas flare up. I've learned to feel the difference between something I can work out for myself (with a foam roller, stretching, icing, and/or resting) and when I need something a bit more hands on. Dr. Mayes has helped me combat some stubborn tendonitis, IT Band issues, and most recently some bursitis in my knee, and I think he's been instrumental in my being able to train consistently.

When you're forced to take a break from your sport and training, there's a huge physical and mental void to fill. Rest can be hard, but being diligent with my PT helped me because it gave me goals and made that forced rest feel more productive.

What would you say to someone who has the same injury?

I am very vocal about including PT as part of recovery from any injury. Our body parts were meant to move, and PT helps them move better and correctly. I think PT is also a necessary tool when healthy. I continue to see Dr. Mayes when I am unable to work through a niggle satisfactorily--and I feel as though this has been so instrumental in keeping injuries at bay.

What are you most excited about getting back to? Running is my poison, and I had two goals for this year, a sub 2:00 half marathon and to remain injury-free. As the year finishes up, I'm happy to report that I've come really really close to both: I ran a 2:03 half marathon and have only missed about a week's worth of training runs with my most recent set-back (knee bursitis).

I think for the future, I'm going to step away from time goals and focus more on experiences. I'm involved with a group of relay runners, and I expect to take 2-3 trips with them in 2015. This doesn't mean I'm going to slack off in my training, though. This group is extremely speedy, and I really want to pull my own weight.

How a Yoga Instructor Tackles Knee Pain!

Patient of the Month

Meet Katie! A yoga instructor and outdoor adventurer who put her whole mind, body and spirit into each session. Along with her kind and thoughtful nature, Katie brought the drive and focus of a high level athlete.

Katie Surf Maui

With an unwavering commitment to an active lifestyle, she pushed herself to the limit every time. She trusted the process, and it was exciting to see all of her hard work pay off. We can't wait to see where her next adventure takes her!


In her own words…

Three words to describe me... Caring, Compassionate, Motivated

What Brought you to PT? I have a condition called Plica Syndrome in my right knee, which was causing me pain and discomfort during exercise as well as during regular everyday activities.

How have you benefitted from PT? I have greatly benefitted from coming to Iron Physical Therapy. I had been to other physical therapists in the past for treatment of this same injury, but never had an experience quite like I did at Iron. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I had finally come to the right place to get the kind of rehabilitation I needed. Not only was the entire staff friendly and upbeat, but Dr. Mayes has created a space where athletes and people with active lifestyles can come and truly get the care they need so that they can continue to thrive once their treatment is over. Dr. Mayes and the Iron Physical Therapy staff truly created a safe and supportive environment in which I could test my limits while strengthening and healing my injury. Dr. Mayes also provided me with tools I can use outside of therapy such as stretching, foam rolling, and targeted strength training exercises to help maintain a healthy and happy knee.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury? Try a full course of physical therapy first before opting for surgery. Many orthopedics are quick to prescribe surgery, however, explore the less invasive route first. Commit to the therapy, do the homework Dr. Mayes prescribes you, and push yourself to your limits to see if surgery is needed after all.

What activities are you most excited about getting back to? I am most excited about resuming my yoga and meditation practice. There were many advanced poses that were out of the question before therapy and sitting cross-legged in meditation was downright torturous at times! Since I completed therapy, I have started re-integrating both of these things back into my practice with good results. Dr. Mayes also got me running again (an activity I had avoided for years). I have been running almost daily and am slowly increasing the distance I am able to comfortably run. In the Fall, I look forward to getting back to my West African Dance Class! Thank you Iron Physical Therapy for all your help in getting me here!


Knee Surgery (Torn Meniscus) x2

Knee Surgery (x2): What's it Really Like?

Patient of the Month

Meet William! We knew we were going to have fun in therapy when he rolled into IRON wearing green toe socks.


With two separate knee surgeries for torn meniscus, recovery has been arduous, but Bill has attacked each session with full force and focus. He is also fiercely dedicated to his home exercise program and has even created a "mini clinic" to stay on track at home.

Although he's an animal in the gym, he's also one of the kindest, wittiest people I get to work with. He has a way of sensing the mood in the clinic and bringing out the best in each of us.

Thank you for inspiring us to laugh OFTEN, connect more, and embrace the unconventional!!

In his own words…

What brought you to PT? I was looking for a physical therapist who was not only interested in hearing about what hurt, but also interested in helping me achieve my physical goals. I had heard great things about Dr. Mayes through the Essex Running Club and others who he has guided through the healing process.

How have you benefitted from PT? I have been to going to physical therapists for most of my athletic life, and Dr. Mayes is the first one interested in treating the sum of the parts. He taught me that the knee functions only as well as the muscles and tissue that connect to it. My legs have become stronger, I have become stronger and for the first time in my life, I am looking forward to a summer without pain.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury? Do your home exercises and prepare yourself for recovery. I had one knee surgery prior to going to physical therapy and then the second knee surgery done while going to physical therapy. The difference in recovery was remarkable. It’s amazing how many people I talk to who are living with torn meniscus. They complain of the pain and how it prevents them from living a healthy lifestyle. I encourage everyone I meet to go see Dr. Mayes and get their life back.

What activities are you most excited about getting back to? I am most excited to be able to run after my daughter, dance with her and sit on the floor and read her books. Beyond that it’s all gravy. BUT – that gravy includes resuming my distance running, triathlons and golf. My new goals include weight loss (from being inactive for so long) and beating my wife’s PR in 5K and 10K races. A noble but hopeless cause.

If I may add a couple of tips for going to see Dr. Mayes and his team:

  • Go to Iron PT for the exercises but stay for the Graston.
  • Don’t be afraid of the pink Kinesio tape.
  • Burpee and plank penalties are more fun when the assistants do them with you.
  • Don’t forget to smile.

2013: The Year in Review

2013-year-in-review It's been an exciting year at IronPT and we feel incredibly blessed to have connected with so many people in our clinic, community and online.

As entrepreneurs, we usually go full speed ahead but the end of the year is the perfect time to pause and reflect on how far we've  come.

Here are some of the highlights of 2013:

We saw our practice double in size for the 2nd year in a row!


We were quoted twice in Runner's World Magazine and recognized locally as one of the "Best PT Clinics"  in Essex County.

runner's world magazine quotes dr. Mayes on injury prevention

We added yoga classes to keep our community in tip top shape. Only one spot left in our 6-week series starting Jan. 7!


We teamed up with Fleet Feet Montclair and Essex Running Club to directly support our local runners

Running Tips for Fleet Feet Montclair

We continued to support CWC Soccer and all things Chiefs!


Hosted 1st "Iron Half Marathon" after Jersey Shore Half cancelled

Iron Physical Therapy Half Marathon

Dr. Mayes earned certifications in Active Release Technique and Selective Functional Movement Assessment

For the first time an "Iron Team" participated in the Fitzgerald's 5K


We continued our efforts to stay connected with the many people who touch us through Facebook, Twitter, and the Blog. In case you missed them, here were the most popular blog posts in 2013

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 2.40.20 PM

Most importantly, we had the privilege to partner with our patients on their journey to get better and be better. They are what make this place and this work so special. Together we battled injury and setbacks and PAIN. We honor each person who walked through our doors and showed us what real courage and perseverance looks like.  


Stay tuned for another exciting year in 2014! Lots of great things on the horizon... you'll be the first to know.


Runner and Triathlete Recovers From Ankle Sprain (POM 9/13)

You will rarely meet someone who has as much zest for life as Sue. Her positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She is a committed endurance athlete and also serves as a coach for local running classes for adults. Sue is the ultimate team player, and we feel so lucky to have had her as a patient.


In her own words...

What brought you to PT? I had a nasty right ankle sprain after my foot got caught in a rabbit hole in the grass after a race. I heard the tear, experienced immediate swelling, saw stars and almost passed out from the pain.
How have you benefitted from your PT experience? The day after the injury I called IronPT and got an appointment right away...they must have heard the urgency in my voice. Dr. Mayes told me I could bike and swim but no running/walking. Hearing that I was able to still do something active was huge mentally because I was training for my 1st Olympic distance triathlon.The physical benefit came within 2-3 weeks of starting treatment. The swelling and bruising improved, discomfort lessened and the ability to put weight on my foot was so much better. Dr. Mayes transitioned me to more walking, then running, always keeping an eye on my foot and listening to my subjective symptoms.
What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury? Go with your gut as to the specialist you should to see and go within 24 hours of the injury. Starting therapy/treatment immediately is critical to a full and rapid recovery. Work with someone who you trust...I have complete faith in Dr. Mayes which helps the whole process. 

What activities are you most excited about getting back to? I was happy to get back into marathon training using the run/walk method and being fully recovered. Yes, I did complete my 1st Olympic Distance Triathlon in Washington, DC all thanks to Dr. Mayes and his assistant, Deb. My next goal is to complete my training and finish the Harrisburg Marathon on Nov 10. I will also strive to stay healthy, injury free and fit so that I can complete my 1st Half Ironman in 2014  under the careful eye of Dr. Mayes. 

Remember life is good & precious, so go outside and play!!