Getting to Know Clinic Assistant, Kristin Pace

Where did you go to college? What was your major? Iā€™m sophomore at Montclair State University and I am studying Accounting.

Where is home and who's there? I lived in West Caldwell my whole life. I have two sisters Kayla who is 21 and Kaci who is 9.

One thing on your bucket list? One thing on my bucket list is to travel the world and visit all 7 continents.

How do you recharge? I LOVE to take naps.

Mountain cabin, beach house or big city condo? If i had to pick I would most definitely pick BEACH. My grandparents live in LBI and it is my favorite place to be all summer.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? I own WAY too many pairs of shoes.

What is your favorite...

Store? My favorite store is Target, they have everything I need!

Food? Anything with Peanut Butter especially

TV Show? The Office, I love all comedies.

Sport to play? Soccer!

Ice Cream Flavor? Mint Chocolate Chip with hot fudge and chocolate sprinkles

Starbucks Drink? Mocha Frap with whipped cream