Everyone can improve their run. All it takes is knowing where to start!

What’s a Running Analysis?

A running evaluation uses video gait analysis and the trained eye of our DPTs to uncover your movement and running technique deficits so you can run faster, run further and stop injuries before they even start.

Would I benefit from a Running Analysis?

A running analysis can help runners of all ages and abilities from recreational rookies to veteran marathoners.

It’s for you, if you want to:

✔ continue running and playing sports for many more years because you love it, and it keeps you sane (we get it!!)

✔ run faster at all distances without running more

✔ break free of your running injury cycle!

✔ have actual data that highlights your weaknesses. If you love your Garmin, you’ll really love this!

** If you currently have pain/injury which prevents or significantly limits your running, we recommend a physical therapy evaluation instead of a running analysis. PT is covered by the terms of your insurance, which we’re happy to check for you.


I never would’ve believed something this simple could change my running after 20 years. When my analysis showed I was a heel striker (among other things), I was able to make immediate changes and feel improvement on my very first run. My right hamstring felt better right away, and a few months later I actually had a 5K PR at the Verona Classic.
— Middle-Aged Mother Runner


1. A second set of eyes is good. A second set of EXPERT eyes is better.

Having a Doctor of PT conduct your running analysis means you have the insight and advice of an expert in movement who’s treated every possible injury so they’re in the best position to help you avoid them in the first place.

2. Doctor + Runner. Athletes Understand Athletes.

All of our DPTs are runners and love it as much as you do. They share your passion for the sport and relate to your desire to fine tune your performance.

3. You’re more than just a number!

We look at you as a whole athlete and not just a collection of individual measurements. Through the entire process, we take into consideration your personal goals, experience, personality and overall wellness so everything is a custom fit.



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Get Better. Be Better. Run Better.


Price: $299. Full payment required upon arrival. as insurance does not cover this service.

Time: Allow 60-75 minutes for your analysis.

Location: All analysis take place in our Caldwell, NJ clinic. Running will be on a treadmill or outside if the conditions allow.

What to Wear: Top - we recommend a sports bra (females) or no shirt (males) but you can also wear a fitted shirt/tank; Bottom - we recommend dark fitted shorts (spandex ideal); Shoes - wear your usual running shoes.

What you’ll receive: A comprehensive 14 page report with all findings and recommendations to master your run.

We offer a very limited number of running appointments each week, so spots will fill up quickly!!