Getting to know Clinic Assistant, Sarah Wilkin

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Where did you grow up? New Providence, New Jersey 

How would friends describe you? Caring, intentional, good listener, and loyal

Where did you go to college? University of Richmond

What were your majors? Journalism, Rhetoric & Communications Studies, and Spanish 

What was your first job? In middle school, my friends and I had a babysitters club type gig for the kids in our neighborhood. In the summer we ran a camp for the kids. 

Who's at home? My husband David and Reese, our 6-year-old golden retriever

How do you like to stay active? Hiking, yoga, various gym classes 

Hobbies/Talents? I love to travel and plan trips (for myself and others); cooking & baking; and reading.

One thing on your bucket list? Get Reese certified to do pet therapy. 


How do you recharge? Sitting on our screened in porch any time of the day, watching the horses in their paddock or going for a walk or hike with David and Reese

Mountain cabin, beach house or big city condo?  Mountain cabin in Wengen, Switzerland. 

How many pairs of shoes do you own? More than I generally wear 

Do you play a musical instrument? No


Place to travel: Italy or Switzerland

Sport to watch: Ice hockey thanks to David 

Ice Cream Flavor: Many! I love ice cream. I'll say Mint Chip. My favorite shop is Hoffman's in Spring Lake and Point Pleasant, NJ.

Drink at Starbucks: Carmel Latte