Why does my foot or ankle hurt?

  • Achilles Tendon Injuries

  • Sprained ankle

  • Tendonitis

  • Shin Splints

  • Fractured foot or ankle

  • Stress fracture

  • Heel spurs

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Ankle Laxity

  • Psoriatic arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis

Signs & Symptoms of a Foot or Ankle Injury

  • Heel pain

  • Tenderness in the heel or higher up in the Achilles tendon with manually applied pressure

  • Pain and stiffness with walking, at its worst with the first several steps

  • Tightness in the calf

  • Swelling or pain in anywhere on ankle

  • Pain on the front and/or outside of the ankle joint

  • A feeling of ankle instability

  • Decreased ankle range of motion when stretching your toes up toward your shin

  • Pain at the end-range of stretching your toes toward your shin

  • Tenderness at the front of the ankle when touched

  • Pain or tenderness on the back of your ankle, especially during activities that involve pointing your toes

  • Decreased range of motion when pointing your toes

  • Inability to stand or walk on the affected foot

  • Throbbing, stiffness or weakness in the ankle

  • Pain and swelling in the big toe joint that worsens with standing and walking

  • Gradual enlargement of the bump on the side of the foot, which can become inflamed and swollen causing foot pain

  • Pain when wearing shoes, making it difficult to find comfortable or stylish footwear

  • Changes in how you walk

  • Increased difficulty walking

  • Changes in balance, increasing the risk of falling, particularly in older adults

  • Crossing of the big toe and lesser toes, causing crowding of the toes, and possibly causing additional deformities and pain

  • Pain and weakness when actively moving the foot in an outward direction or when pointing it down

  • Pain when pushing off the ball of the foot during walking or running

  • Pain when walking on a sloped terrain that turns the foot outward

  • Pain when stretching the foot in an inward and downward direction

  • Pain in the morning, when stepping out of bed and taking the first steps of the day

  • Pain with prolonged standing or standing up after sitting for awhile

  • Pain after an intense weight-bearing activity such as running

  • Pain when walking barefoot or in shoes with poor support

How do We Treat Foot/Ankle Pain?

At Iron PT, we will not use a “cookie cutter” treatment for your foot or ankle injury. Your highly trained Doctor of Physical Therapy will conduct a thorough one-on-one evaluation to understand your personal goals and uncover the cause and severity of your foot or ankle pain. Then, they will create a customized treatment plan incorporating the very latest hands on techniques and exercises to build strength and give you full, pain-free range of motion.

Patient Success Stories

Muderella Foot Injury

Leanne thought she was a retired athlete who may never play again since her foot just wouldn't cooperate! But with her fierce determination and hard work, she not only began to run, but also signed up to complete a rigorous outdoor obstacle course, the Mudderella!

“I thought if something hurt during physical activities, I shouldn't be doing it. Through PT, I learned the safe way to work through the pain and build strength which eventually has substantially reduced my pain.”'

Running Ankle Injury

I consider myself a physically active person busy raising 3 daughters. My injury caused everything in my life to come to a grinding halt. I could drive but not much else.

After weeks of sitting on the couch, I got the OK to start physical therapy. It was such a relief to just start moving again and begin the process of regaining normal function. Having my DPT and the Iron PT staff to support and challenge me is the main reason I am back running, riding and swimming today.”

- Sue, Runner and Triathlete

Triathlete Ankle Injury

“The day after I got a nasty ankle sprain, I called Iron PT. Learning that I was still able to do something active was huge mentally because I was training for my 1st Olympic distance triathlon.

I was happy to get back into training using the run/walk method and, I ended up completing the race in Washington, DC all thanks to Iron PT.”

- Stacey, Triathlete and Busy Mom

Next Steps to Relieving your Pain with Iron Physical Therapy…

Give us a call! Our staff will be happy to speak with you more about possible treatment and answer any questions you may!

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