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It was 2009, but I remember like it was yesterday. My wife, Meri, and I were sitting in a fancy ballroom filled with several hundred other employees from the large physical therapy company where I’d worked since graduating as a DPT. Staff had been getting excited for weeks about this awards ceremony, so we were really looking forward to something special.

The executives took the stage and began to announce the winners. “The first award goes to the clinic location with the lowest number of cancellations,” he said. Ok, I thought. That’s a strange way to open things up, but maybe they’re building the excitement for the real awards. Nope. “The second award goes to the clinic with the highest average number of visits per patient.” What? They’re honoring clinics that keep patients around the longest. All night I waited for them to put a spotlight on something truly special like the DPT whose patient had the biggest transformation or the front staff with the best patient relationships, but on and on it went from one nameless statistic to the next. It was at that moment I realized that I was in the wrong place.

As I began researching other organizations, I discovered that factory style care had become the norm in our industry and that wasn’t nearly good enough for our patients. So in 2011, with our two young daughters in tow, my wife and I rented our first space on Bloomfield Ave in Caldwell. Those first few years were tiring as I was a one man show in the clinic and Meri was solo running the back end of the business (click to learn more about Meri’s role), but they were also exhilarating. I was able to practice PT the way I’d hoped for when I first decided to leave my business career for PT (click to learn more about how I got into PT). Everyday, I learned all I could about my patients….not just medical details of their injury but also about the life they dreamed of having if they didn’t have pain. Together we tackled physical and emotional obstacles to reclaim something they’d lost or maybe even discover a new place they never knew movement could take them. I loved the freedom I had without quotas and wanted more patients to experience this type of journey.

Our amazing community knew they deserved this kind of care and our clinic grew rapidly. After a couple years we hired another full-time DPT, and a year after that, outgrew our rental space. We moved down the street to our current Caldwell location which was double the size to serve even more patients. Then in 2018, we opened a second Iron PT location in Midland Park NJ so we could reach other communities with our unique approach to physical therapy.

Though things have grown and changed over the years, the heart of our business has remained exactly the same. We always believed people were as tired of the big box approach as we were. We believed that seeing only 1-2 patients per doctor would result in faster pain relief and better outcomes. We believed that athletes (or aspiring athletes) would respond positively to being treated by other athletes. We believed in the human potential to Get Better and Be Better. Click to read more about this motto which is at the core of everything we do at IronPT!

We're so glad you found us!

The Iron Philosophy

We are a boutique clinic with a soul with locations in Caldwell and Midland Park, NJ.

Iron PT is a warm and inviting place where you can get out of pain and become stronger than you ever thought possible. If you have been disappointed by other practices ("mills") that rush you through cookie cutter treatment, then you will be pleasantly surprised.

Our model is rare in physical therapy, but we know that spending extra time to assess and connect with patients as a whole person results in lasting wellness. We believe rehabilitation is the ultimate partnership! Our goal is to provide immediate results, pain management and ultimately long-term recovery through highly skilled assessment, individualized treatment and really listening to your story.  

We will help you overcome fear and obstacles so you can leave physical therapy feeling inspired, energized, and optimistic about what you can accomplish.

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“Each and every member of the staff are amazing! You listen, care, and produce positive results. I limped in and skipped out! I am so happy to be pain free.”

- Theresa