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Iron Physical Therapy specializes in performance-based physical therapy for athletes of all ages from those participating in youth sports to weekend warriors and professional athletes.

All of our Doctors of Physical Therapy are competitive athletes, which gives them a unique perspective as sports physical therapists.

They relate first hand to the thrill, challenge and rewards of participating in athletics. They also understand the deep frustration and emotion that comes when pain or injury holds you back. This is why we say “If you’e an athlete, see an athlete!”

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athlete Reviews

While training for the NYC Marathon, my chronic ankle injury was causing pain. I had been to many clinics, but they were all mills with no personal attention.

My DPT at Iron Physical Therapy was a runner and an athlete...a different kind of physical therapist who provided specific, personal, and targeted attention. I did not know PTs like him even existed! Only six weeks later, I realized my life long goal and and successfully ran a marathon pain free.
— Naomi, Marathoner
I tore my ACL in my right knee which required surgery and about six months of therapy. I thought this would feel so long, but it’s already been over four months since my surgery, and it’s going by quickly.

Physical therapy has made me feel better about myself and made me feel like I can overcome any obstacle. It has also made my knee feel so much better! I never expected it to improve so quickly.
— Carly, High School Soccer Player

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The Iron Philosophy

If you've been disappointed by other clinics ("mills") that rush you through cookie cutter treatment, then you will be pleasantly surprised. Our healthcare model is rare, but we know that spending extra time to assess and connect with patients results in lasting wellness. 

We believe in the human potential to Get Better and Be Better. This slogan is at the core of everything we do! This approach has allowed us to have a 5-star rating on Google & Facebook. We were was also voted the Best Physical Therapy clinic in Essex County, NJ!.