CrossFit Physical Therapy in New Jersey

Our physical therapists at Iron Physical Therapy love to do CrossFit as much as you do! Yes, you read that right. Our physical therapists who are experts in anatomy, movement and function have made CrossFit their workout of choice.

If you’re an athlete, see an athlete!

As CrossFit physical therapists and movement experts, they are perfectly positioned to address the faulty movement patterns and poor body mechanics that may be causing your pain, injury or weakness.

Our physical therapists understand that “CrossFit” is not the problem, and they do not want you to stop doing what you love. Instead, they can offer you the following tools and services to be ready for your next WOD:

1) Diagnose Pain

Our DPTs are highly skilled at treating common crossfit injuries such as low back pain or strain, shoulder pain, achilles tendonitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, knee pain and more.

But pain can be really deceiving! Maybe you spent time online researching knee pain because it was hurting while squatting, but when you see our PTs, they may quickly determine that your pain is actually coming from weak glutes and not your knees at all. A proper diagnosis by a CrossFit physical therapist is critical to long term recovery.

2) Movement Analysis

Physical therapists can quickly uncover imbalances and weaknesses that are really affecting your performance.

At CrossFit, we are often performing complicated movements under the stress of a heavy barbell or time clock. There are very few PTs who fully understand the specifics of a perfect clean, squat or pull-up. With a full Rogue rig, bars and plates in the clinic, our physical therapists at Iron PT can clearly breakdown, demonstrate and cue each movement pattern so you are confident and ready to head back to the box.

3) Strengthening

Maybe you can already deadlift 300lbs, but you’d be shocked at how heavy a two pound dumbbell can feel when you’re isolating weaker supporting muscles. A physical therapist can create a series of exercises designed specifically to address the weaknesses that are contributing to your issue.

4) Re-training Crossfit Movements

This last step is critical. Your DPT will help you re-learn movement patterns so you can remain injury free. They will work with you to create a custom plan for injury management and CrossFit workouts. Modifications should come from a professional who understands your full medical background instead of being a last minute decision right before the workout.

5) Recovery

Recovery is a big factor in performance and injury prevention. IronPT now offers the secret tool professional athletes use to train harder, recover faster and perform better. We welcome you to try our cozy recovery lounge featuring Normatec Compression Boots and Sleeves. Compression clears metabolic waste, reduces soreness and improves circulation so you can keep training! CrossFitters, runners, and other athletes alike have raved about how good they will after just one session.

5) Contact Us

Our physical therapists are uniquely equipped to properly identify, cue, and educate CrossFitters in their movement patterns.

If you need guidance or treatment from a CrossFit physical therapist, please contact us anytime to schedule an appointment or ask a question.

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