Why does my hand or wrist hurt?

  • Arthritis - Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Trigger finger, and other repetitive motion injuries

  • Fractured wrist / broken wrist

  • Sprained wrist

  • Nerve compression syndromes and injuries

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • De Quervain’s tendinitis

  • Ganglion cysts

  • Psoriatic arthritis

  • Broken hand

Signs & Symptoms

  • Pain where the arm meets the hand, which can radiate up into the elbow

  • Pain on the thumb side of the wrist (radial) or the little-finger side of the wrist (ulnar)

  • Pain that only occurs when the wrist is under strain, which can become constant pain when left untreated

  • Pain when putting pressure on the hand, such as using the arms to push yourself up out of a chair to stand

  • Stiffness of the elbow or wrist and can’t fully bend and extend the joint

  • Inflammation or swelling in the wrist area and possibly in the hand

  • Tenderness to touch in the wrist and/or forearm muscles

  • Difficulty and pain when moving the wrist or fingers     

  • Weakness of the forearm, hand or wrist

  • Difficulty with gripping activities

  • Burning, tingling, "pins and needles," or numbness in the palm of the hand and fingers

  • Pain that radiates into your forearm and wrist

  • Difficulty doing common tasks, such as turning a doorknob or holding a coffee cup

  • Increased pain when you use your wrist and hand for lifting objects, opening a jar, or gripping something tightly, such as a knife and fork

How Do We Treat Hand and Wrist Pain?

At Iron PT, we will not use a “cookie cutter” treatment for your hand or wrist injury. Your highly trained Doctor of Physical Therapy will conduct a thorough one-on-one evaluation to understand your personal goals and uncover the cause and severity of your hand and/or wrist pain. Then, they will create a customized treatment plan incorporating the very latest hands on techniques and exercises to build strength and give you full, pain-free range of motion.

Patient Success Story

“I was a patient for my painful wrist. Now, I not only have no pain, but also know what I did wrong that created the situation. I now try to implement the corrective measures that I learned at Iron PT. At Iron, you not only get pain relief, but you also get educated on top of it…a win/win in my book.”

Next Steps to Relieving your Pain with Iron Physical Therapy…

Give us a call! Our staff will be happy to speak with you more about possible treatment and answer any questions you may!

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