Physical Therapy for Runners in New Jersey

We’re so glad you’re a runner, and we DO NOT want you missing your next workout because of pain or injury.

At Iron Physical Therapy, we love to run as much as you do! In fact, our Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPTs) have really been hitting the road lately. In the last year, Dr. Mayes completed an Ironman, Dr. Wortman ran a half marathon and triathlon, Dr. Chambers has been racing and even added a stroller ; ) and Dr. Castania finished the Atlantic City Marathon among other races.

If you’re an athlete, see an athlete!

As running physical therapists and movement specialists, our DPTs are sought after for their expertise and have been quoted several times by Runner’s World Magazine. They absolutely love the running community and are well qualified to address faulty movement patterns and poor body mechanics that may be causing your running injury, pain or weakness.

And our physical therapists don’t want you to stop doing what you love!!! Instead, they can offer you the following tools and services to be ready for your next run:

1) Diagnosis - Why do I have pain when I run?

Our DPTs are highly skilled at treating common running injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, stress fractures, Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS), pulled muscles, hamstring issues, strains, sprains, patellar tendinitis and more.

But pain can be really deceiving! Maybe you spent time online researching knee pain because it’s been bothering you after a few miles, but when you see our PTs, they may quickly determine that your pain is actually coming from weak glutes and not your knees at all. A proper diagnosis by a running physical therapist is critical to long term recovery.

2) Running Analysis

Physical therapists can quickly uncover imbalances and weaknesses that are really affecting your performance. They will do a gait analysis and take a thorough look at your running form and foot strike to determine areas for improvement.

3) Strengthening for Runners

It’s not a big surprise that runners love to run, but a strength program and cross-training are an important part of building up the areas affecting your running performance and everyday life. Our physical therapists will create a series of exercises designed specifically to address the weaknesses that are contributing to your issue.

4) Re-training to Reduce Running Injuries

This last step is critical. Your DPT will help you re-program more efficient running mechanics so you can remain injury free. They will work with you to create a custom plan for training and injury management.

5) Tune-Ups for Runners

One of the things we love most about our runners is that they really understand the value of “tune-ups” after completing physical therapy. Instead of waiting until a sidelining injury, they come in for a few sessions as soon as something bothers them. We also welcome runners in the weeks before race-day for 1-2 sessions to address last minute aches and pains.

6) Recovery for Runners

Recovery is a big factor in performance and injury prevention. IronPT now offers the secret tool professional athletes use to train harder, recover faster and perform better. We welcome you to try our cozy recovery lounge featuring Normatec Compression Boots and Sleeves. Compression clears metabolic waste, reduces soreness and improves circulation so you can keep training! 

7) Contact Us

As runners themselves, our physical therapists are passionate about keeping you on the road. They are also uniquely qualified to address and prevent injury while maximizing performance. We truly see ourselves as lifelong partners with healthy runners!!

If you need guidance or treatment from a running physical therapist, please contact us anytime to schedule an appointment or ask a question.

While training for the NYC Marathon, my chronic ankle injury was causing pain. I had been to many clinics, but they were all mills with no personal attention.

My DPT at Iron Physical Therapy was a runner and an athlete...a different kind of physical therapist who provided specific, personal, and targeted attention. I did not know PTs like him even existed!

Only six weeks later, I realized my life long goal and and successfully ran a marathon pain free.
— Naomi, Marathoner
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