Physical Therapy Gets Patient Swim Ready After Shoulder Surgery


Meet Rina! She's been brightening the clinic over the last year while completing pre and post surgical rehab for her shoulder. Rina is a breath of fresh air with her unwavering dedication and optimism. She has put in countless hours of work and is always thinking about what she can do to get better and be better!


1) List three words to describe you: Compassionate, Independent, and Resilient

2) What brought you into physical therapy? Initially my shoulder pain brought me to PT, then I had rotator cuff surgery!

3) How would you describe physical therapy to people who don't know what it is? You are given a thorough examination of your injury or pain area and then the doctor will prescribe exercise that will ease your pain, improve mobility and assist you in recovering fully.

4) What exercise or technique helped you the most? I believe that the Graston and ART techniques helped me heal after my surgery. Both techniques reduced the pain in my shoulder and arm.

5) What would you say to someone who is living in pain and putting off physical therapy? PT will improve your quality of life by reducing pain, restoring mobility and strength.

6) What activities are you most excited about getting back to? I am enjoying cooking, gardening, swimming and shopping!

7) What did you enjoy most about your PT experience? I was very encouraged every week by my progress, my ever-changing exercises, and working with the dedicated doctors. I enjoyed the friendly environment of the entire staff at Iron Physical Therapy! Thank you!

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