Incorporate your Kids into Running!



IRON PT WOD - 8/23/2012

I was hurting for some motivation to run today.

I've had some long, sleep-deprived days, and it was evident this evening. I needed to get out for a light jog to stretch my legs but wanted to spend some quality time with my four year old. So why not do the two together? I packed my daughter into the jogging stroller with a snack of sliced apples in hand, and we set out for a four mile journey through the park.

We had a nice chat about the moon, clouds, stop lights and many other topics as she was full of questions and observations during her ride. We took a little break to do some pull-ups, pushups, and abdominal work....which was quite funny to watch her mimic everything I did (I assisted her during the pullups of course :) . As the darkness rolled in, I had her hold my headlamp and pretend she was a car headlight...she loved it. We had a great time together!

So, the moral of my story is: Find motivation from somewhere on the days you're not energized to run. Take your son/daughter or niece/nephew, etc. may turn into one of your most memorable runs yet.

IRON PT WOD: 8/22/2012 - Rest.