Hydration Pack vs. The Fuel Belt



So, I haven't been a big fan of the fuel belt when it comes to hydration during the long runs. I felt like it was a bit cumbersome and annoying to carry four separate water bottles on my hip (just my opinion). I did a little research and decided to purchase an inexpensive hydration pack by High Sierra.  Today was my first day with the pack and I loved it! Here's what I found:

  • It was more comfortable to wear;

  • held more fluids;

  • the water was easy to access and;

  • It has a front pocket perfect for carrying my GU and iPhone.

WINNER: Hydration pack. I'm official done with my fuel belt.

IRON PT WOD 9/22/2012 7:13AM Hill/Trail Run

15 mi; average pace - 8'27"; calories - 1770

Minutes/mile: 8'44", 8'08", 8'08", 8'16", 8'34", 8'10", 8'03", 7'51", 7'48", 8'42", 8'48", 9'12", 8'55", 8'14", 7'52"