How many physical therapy visits will I need?

On average, patients are discharged after 6-8 treatments. The number of physical therapy sessions you need will depend on your individual condition. After an initial evaluation, the physical therapist will estimate how long it will take you to recover.

Pain Addressed Early

Addressing your pain quickly results in the least number of visits so you can quickly return to the activities you love.

Chronic or Neglected Pain

If you have chronic or neglected pain, you may need 12-18 visits, but you will leave with the confidence that you have addressed the underlying issues and will remain pain free.

Post-Surgical Patients

Recovering from surgery is hard work, and we are here to make it go as quickly and easily as possible. You will be seen three times per week for 6 or more weeks. It is a substantial commitment to make a full recovery, but your dedication will pay off.

Our goal is always to help you recover in the least amount of time possible, but each case is treated individually.