CrossFit Coach Gets Total Knee Replacement

CrossFit Coach Gets Total Knee Replacement

It's an incredible honor when another wellness professional trusts you with their recovery, but it's especially meaningful when that person is one of your own CrossFit coaches. Read about Rebecca's recovery here.

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NJ's Finest Battles Shoulder Injury

NJ's Finest Battles Shoulder Injury

Iron has a strong commitment to NJ's law enforcement, and it was a privilege to help this officer get back to full duty. Read more about Rafael's recovery from a shoulder injury and surgery.

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Back on the Golf Course after Two Injuries!

Patient of the Month

Our patient of the month, John, probably got to know us a little better than he would have liked this year! Just as he was finishing up therapy for one injury, he had an accident that caused him to come back for something completely different! 

John was determined to not let it keep him down though! His positive attitude and willingness to do anything asked carried him smoothly into this new phase of rehabilitation. John is an example of how consistency and dedication can bring you back to the life you love, from going up the stairs, to getting out on the green!

In his Own Words…

Three Words to Describe Me:

 Stronger Every Day


What brought you to PT? 

Early this year I was being treated by Dr. Wortman for tennis elbow. Then I had an accident in April and tore my quadriceps tendon off my kneecap.  I immediately contacted Dr Wortman - I didn't consider going anywhere else for treatment.


How have you benefitted from PT?  

I actually look forward to my sessions. Dr. Wortman has been extremely helpful in strengthening my knee and creating flexibility. She has given me confidence to move ahead with my recovery, and I am "ahead of the game" because of her efforts.  She is extremely attentive during our sessions and has recently been pushing me hard so that I can get back to normal activities.


What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury as you


 Go directly to IronPT - Dr. Wortman and Dr. Mayes are terrific Physical Therapists! Follow your doctor's advice and do all of your at-home exercises per your physical therapists instructions.

What activities are you most excited about getting back to? After 4 months I was able to get back onto the golf course using a golf cart and knee brace, per my doctor's orders. He has been impressed by my progress. 

Any new goals now that you are feeling better? I look forward to walking the golf course and playing without the brace in a month or so. 

Five Knee Surgeries Later…

Coming back after knee surgery is never easy, especially the fifth time.

Meet Tracy, the Iron Physical Therapy patient of the month! She is one of the most optimistic people we've ever met! Even after multiple knee surgeries and setbacks, she still finds a way to think positively and keep moving forward.



She brought such a high level of focus and energy to each PT session. She also listened carefully to feedback so she could address physical and mental road blocks right away.

We love the way Tracy gets the most out of each day! We know there are many more great adventures ahead!!!

In her own words…

Three words to describe me...Active, Adventurous, Determined (Mom ;-))

What brought you to PT?I just had my 5th or 6th knee surgery (lost track!) which has set the stage for a knee replacement. I needed to be somewhere that was going to give me individual attention because my condition is just so unique.

How have you benefitted from PT?

First off, my knee is doing great! I made as good a recovery as possible for my condition. I also feel like I'm in better overall shape than before I went into surgery because Dr. Mayes incorporated a lot of challenging strength training into my therapy. As a former athlete, I loved that! Mentally, I had some low points where I feared I just wasn't going to function well again but Dr. Mayes and Dr. Wortman really elevated my spirits (or simply refused to let me stay down!) and helped me to keep my eye on the end goal, reminding me that I was making progress and that recovery takes time. Whenever I was feeling low, I knew I'd feel better after I went to physical therapy.

What are you most excited about getting back to?I guess I'd say that when you have a unique injury/situation, you need a very individualized therapy program to get you back on your feet. Going to a physical therapist that will bring a fresh (and athletic minded) perspective to your situation absolutely helps in the recovery stages. I'm looking forward to hiking, snow-shoeing and I think I'm going to try snow-boarding this year! Other than that, I'm just looking forward to feeling strong and being able to simply go through my days without major issues.



Are You A Good Listener?

Listening and hearing are two different things.According to several studies,  60-75% of oral communication is ignored, misunderstood, or quickly forgotten. (

When you come for physical therapy, are you just hearing the words we’re saying or are you really listening to what we’re trying to convey?

Hearing is the unconscious act of perceiving sound. You can hear someone speak without listening to the words they say or putting much meaning to them. Often this can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. 

Listening is paying attention to the words spoken with the intention of understanding the other person.  When you pay attention to something, your brain works like noise-suppressing headphones.  Signals are conveyed through brain pathways in the cortex (responsible for computations), which tunes out signs and sounds that are not as immediately important, allowing you to focus on who/what is in front of you.

Our first goal is always to carefully listen to YOU, our patient. We pay attention to each detail of your unique history as well as your personal challenges and goals. We spend extra time to assess what you're saying and connect with you as a whole person.

But sometimes we see that glazed look in your eyes when it's our turn to provide direction and insight. We see you're busy planning your objection statement or anticipating what we might say, but we are your greatest ally.

Our specialized clinical training and years of experience treating patients have given us a unique perspective. We ask that you listen and trust us as we explain why you should not run six miles or lean over to pick things up THIS week. We ask that you engage as we review the home exercise program we designed especially for you!

So what now?

We find that when you fully listen and engage with us, you are able to go beyond recovery and make greater progress than you thought possible. You can:

  • Eliminate behaviors that aggravate your injury

  • Address mental/physical roadblocks

  • Avoid frustration and further injury

  • Minimize flare ups

  • Get better sooner!!

  • Push your boundaries

  • Maximize athletic performance

  • Stay active and healthy long term

And this carries over to the rest of life as well. When we give the gift of listening, we are the ones to gain. 

Marnie Wortman

Marnie Wortman

By Dr. Marnie Wortman, PT, DPT, ART, CF-L1 with Meri Mayes, MA, Owner-Iron Physical Therapy