NJ's Finest Battles Shoulder Injury

Congratulations to Rafael, our outstanding patient of the month! Iron has a strong commitment to NJ's law enforcement, and it was a privilege to help this officer get back to full duty.As you can imagine, Rafael was incredibly focused, hard working and compliant during every step of therapy. He also had a great sense of humor that kept us laughing even during the hardest sessions. Rafael, you made our job easy, and we are thrilled to honor you as our patient of the month.



In His Own Words…

3 Words That Describe You: Funny, Dependable, Hardworking

What brought you to PT? A few months ago I suffered a second injury to my left shoulder. It was a another dislocation after having had a previous surgery to repair it.

How have you benefited from your PT experience? I feel better and more dedicated to my long term well being. PT has given me the push I needed to recover and begin to move past what was once a weakness.

What would you recommend to someone with the same injury? My advice would be to address your weakest area and make it your strongest. I think I could have avoided my second injury if I had maintained proper exercise and strengthening of my shoulder.

What activities are you excited about getting back to? I look forward to training for obstacle course races once again and another goal would be pick a totally new physical activity and try to do my best at it.