CrossFit and Shoulder Recovery

Congratulations to our December Patient of the month, Chris! As a fellow CrossFitter, I knew how badly Chris wanted to stay active at the gym and most importantly at home. 

He made a great recovery possible by really listening and following the program closely. He gave 100% at every single session but was careful not to rush the process and overdue things.

And Chris has a special place in our hearts as a coach for the Caldwell Jr. Chiefs (2015 Superbowl Champs)!



In His Own Words…

3 Words To Describe You:Determined, Reliable, Friendly

What brought you to PT?  I was diagnosed with shoulder tendonitis as a result of a repetitive exercise I performed with poor form earlier this year. I could not lift my arm above my head or put on a shirt without flinching due to the intense pain. Worst of all, I could not pick up my 4 year old daughter using that arm. I was feeling depressed and very discouraged, I didn’t feel like my shoulder would ever be the same as it was prior to the injury. I wanted to be able to pick up my daughter and play catch with my son. I wanted to get back to exercising and keeping myself healthy and in good shape.  

How have you benefited from PT? Walking into Iron, I certainly had my doubts about if my shoulder would ever feel better. I started my therapy with Dr. Wortman, and I can’t tell you how encouraging she has been and how much I have learned about myself because of her. Everyone, including the Dr. who diagnosed me, told me I needed to rest. Dr. Wortman felt otherwise. I needed to move it, and I needed to strengthen it. Little by little, she had me doing the movements again. She had me believing I would get better.

What activities are you excited about getting back to? The most important thing to me is holding my daughter and playing with my kids without any pain or discomfort. Secondly is being able to exercise and take care of myself. I’m back to working out and approaching the same intensity I once had. Earlier this week, I lifted 155 lbs. over my head with no pain. It felt awesome! I am determined to get back the strength I once had and with the help and encouragement of Dr. Wortman, I know I will get there.