Soccer and ACL

We're excited to honor one of our high school athletes as the Iron Patient of the Month. It's never easy to suffer a challenging injury during your senior soccer season, but Carly has demonstrated impressive strength and dedication throughout the entire rehab process.

We can't say this comes as a surprise since her family are some of the most fit, fun and focused people we know. The future is definitely bright for this Caldwell Chief!!!

In Her Own Words…

Words to Describe You: Determined, tough and hardworking

What brought you to PT?  I tore my ACL in my right knee which required surgery and about six months of therapy. I thought this would be so long, but it's already been over four months since my surgery, and it's going by quickly.

How have you benefited from your PT experience? Physical therapy has made me feel better about myself and made me feel like I can overcome any obstacle. It has also made my knee feel so much better! I never expected it to get improve so quickly.

What would you recommend to someone with the same injury? I would recommend staying positive and going to physical therapy because it really does make a difference, especially if you want to get right back to your normal self. Also, outside of PT keep up with your exercises at home or at the gym.

What activities are you excited about getting back to? I'm most excited about getting back to running so I can get back in my old shape. I'm able to do a lot of exercises now, but I can't wait for when I can run without any struggle or pain especially since the weather is getting so nice!