Soccer and ACL

Soccer and ACL

The future is bright for this Caldwell Chief AKA our Patient of the Month! Read about her recovery from ACL Surgery.

"I'm able to do a lot of exercises now, but I can't wait for when I can run without any struggle or pain especially since the weather is getting so nice!"

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CrossFit and Shoulder Recovery

CrossFit and Shoulder Recovery

Congratulations to our December Patient of the month, Chris! As a fellow CrossFitter, I knew how badly Chris wanted to stay active at the gym and most importantly at home. This is how he did it.

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Five Knee Surgeries Later…

Coming back after knee surgery is never easy, especially the fifth time.

Meet Tracy, the Iron Physical Therapy patient of the month! She is one of the most optimistic people we've ever met! Even after multiple knee surgeries and setbacks, she still finds a way to think positively and keep moving forward.



She brought such a high level of focus and energy to each PT session. She also listened carefully to feedback so she could address physical and mental road blocks right away.

We love the way Tracy gets the most out of each day! We know there are many more great adventures ahead!!!

In her own words…

Three words to describe me...Active, Adventurous, Determined (Mom ;-))

What brought you to PT?I just had my 5th or 6th knee surgery (lost track!) which has set the stage for a knee replacement. I needed to be somewhere that was going to give me individual attention because my condition is just so unique.

How have you benefitted from PT?

First off, my knee is doing great! I made as good a recovery as possible for my condition. I also feel like I'm in better overall shape than before I went into surgery because Dr. Mayes incorporated a lot of challenging strength training into my therapy. As a former athlete, I loved that! Mentally, I had some low points where I feared I just wasn't going to function well again but Dr. Mayes and Dr. Wortman really elevated my spirits (or simply refused to let me stay down!) and helped me to keep my eye on the end goal, reminding me that I was making progress and that recovery takes time. Whenever I was feeling low, I knew I'd feel better after I went to physical therapy.

What are you most excited about getting back to?I guess I'd say that when you have a unique injury/situation, you need a very individualized therapy program to get you back on your feet. Going to a physical therapist that will bring a fresh (and athletic minded) perspective to your situation absolutely helps in the recovery stages. I'm looking forward to hiking, snow-shoeing and I think I'm going to try snow-boarding this year! Other than that, I'm just looking forward to feeling strong and being able to simply go through my days without major issues.



Fool Proof Way to Tie Your Running Shoes!

Shoe Tie Method

Shoe Tie Method

A patient recently showed me an awesome new shoe tie method! It was so great, I convinced him to create a YouTube Tutorialso other runners (and everyone) could benefit!I've tried many methods, but this one is secure and comes undone with just one easy pull.

Game changer, especially with the kiddos!

Thanks for sharing Jackson!

Direct You Tube Link -

2014: Year in Review



In 2014, we saw our business grow over 70%!

When we opened our doors almost four years ago, we dreamed of creating something radical...highly personalized healthcare. We believed people were as tired of the big box approach as we were. We also believed that athletes would respond positively to being treated by other athletes. We are so grateful to be part of a community that has embraced this philosophy. We would not be able to do any of this without your loyalty and support.

We purchased a building in Caldwell so that we could continue to grow and really put down roots in the community we love so much!

We hired four new staff members, including another Doctor of Physical Therapy, who really share the vision of our practice and provide our patients with the highest level of care. These people are amazing!

We continued our partnership withFleet Feet MontclairandEssex Running Clubto support our local runners. It was a thrill to see so many of our patients complete 5Ks, half/full marathons and IRONMANs this year.

We hosted our 2nd annual 9-mile training run, the IRON9!

We further established ourselves as a leader in CrossFit consultation and rehab. It was amazing to see our athletes at every level reach new heights. It was especially exciting to see three of our staff members compete this year!!

We provided top level treatment for our middle school, high school and college athletes including sponsorship of CWC Soccer and several adult leagues.

For the third year in row, we were nominated as one of the Best Physical Therapy clinics in Essex County!

Our Doctors completed additional certifications to stay on top of their game!

Dr. Mayes earned certifications inSpinal Manipulation, Active Release Technique (Spine)and attended the Donny Shankle Weightlifting Seminar.

Dr. Wortman earned certifications in theMcKenzie Methodandbecame certified as aCrossFit Level I Trainer.

Most importantly, we had the privilege to partner with our patients on their journey to get better and be better. We honor each person who walked through our doors and showed us what real courage and perseverance look like.

Stay tuned for another great year in 2015! Lots of exciting things on the horizon...