CrossFit Coach Gets Total Knee Replacement



It's an incredible honor when another wellness professional trusts you with their recovery, but it's especially meaningful when that person is one of your own CrossFit coaches. Rebecca has been inspiring me in the gym for the last three years, but don't let the tattoos and hard core weightlifting fool you. This kind-natured, cat-loving, introspective girl is all heart. She's the best kind of anomaly -- quirky and cool...tough and tender...serious and fun!

And don't go thinking she injured herself in CrossFit! Unfortunately, Rebecca has endured a lifetime of knee problems and ultimately made the difficult decision to have a total knee replacement despite being so young. I could not be more proud of her progress and attitude throughout the entire process. Rebecca showed up to every session with a smile on her face (despite the pain), humbled, determined and driven to “Get Better & Be Better”. All I can say is GREAT JOB COACH!!!

In Her Own Words…

Three Words:  Determined, Compassionate, Level Headed

What were you most worried about heading into PT? I was worried about the pain! Unfortunately after five previous knee surgeries, I knew how uncomfortable PT can be. And while yes, it was often uncomfortable (and painful!), it also felt so good to get it moving. Also, seeing steady improvement helped keep my spirits up and kept me motivated.

What exercise or technique helped you the most? All of the lateral movements, like the monster walk and slide board, really helped me build confidence. My knee had been so bad for so long that I've always avoided those types of movements. Feels good to get that control back!

What advice can you give someone to get through the mental challenge of being sidelined? You have to look at the bigger picture. Give yourself 20 minutes to feel sad and pissed, then focus and take care of yourself to move forward. You've got nothing but time, so you may as well work on steady, controlled, and consistent rehab. And you have to commit to it! A setback is a setup for a comeback

How would you describe physical therapy at IRON?  Oh man. After many (too many) experiences with rehab, I can tell you, PT at IRON is the BEST! You have to commit to your therapy, but having a physical therapist who is 100% invested in your rehab is so crucial!! I've never experienced that like I did at IRON. I love everyone there, and even though I'm happy to be getting stronger, I'm really going to miss going there! I never thought I'd say that I'm going to miss my physical therapy... :)