Runner's World Holiday Running Streak Challenge

By: Rachel Van Beke After reading skinnyshae's blog post regarding the Runner's World Holiday Running Streak I thought, I could do that. It's a nice easy way to be accountable for getting that 30 min of exercise in. But instead of making it all about me, we decided to spread the fitness love and see if any of our patients here at Iron PT wanted to join in!

The rule of the Holiday Running Streak is as follows:

- run 1 mile per day from the day after Thanksgiving (November 23rd) to New Year's Day (January 1st)

Although the rule strictly wants us to run, we are modifying that and allowing our patients to run/walk/elliptical/step/bike 1 mile per day. So far I have only rounded up one other patient, but hopefully more patients will jump on the bandwagon!

Meet the participants:




I'm a 22 year old recent grad who is pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. I am the Office Coordinator at Iron PT and am happy to answer all of your physical therapy related questions!

We hereby pledge to run/walk/elliptical/step/bike at least 1 mile per day from now until New Year's Day.


Are you participating in the Holiday Running Streak?

If any of our patients would like to participate, please let me (Rachel) know at the front desk and I will add you to the roster!

Happy Running!