Back on the Slopes After Knee Surgery (POM 3/15)

Coming Back from Knee Surgery

Meet Rosalie, our amazing patient of the month! Going through chronic pain and surgery can take it's toll on your body, mind and spirit; but this busy mom and athlete was determined to make a full recovery.

Even while she might be cursing Dr. Mayes as she gasped for air during her exercise program, she always had a smile, laugh and the determination to keep going! We are so excited to see Rosalie get back to the things she loves, but we will definitely miss her fun, feisty and kind-hearted presence in the clinic. 

Rosalie is also a successful realtor! If you need someone great to work with while buying/selling, then Click hereto see her info.

In her own words…

What brought you to Iron Physical TherapyUnfortunately, my knee surgery brought me to PT.  Prior to my surgery I had been experiencing knee pain for about a year which resulted in my injury.  

How have you benefitted from PT? Dr. Mayes has encouraged me to realize the importance of committing to a healthy and fit regimen that has ultimately changed my life. I'm eating healthy, working out, and thinking more positively.

What would you say to someone with the same injury? Exercise is not an option (especially after the 12th anniversary of my 30th birthday! LOL)  I have never felt stronger physically and mentally!  

What are you most excited about getting back to? I am looking forward to continuing my new regimen and I am especially excited about skiing and biking with my family!  

Knee Surgery: Understand YOUR Body And Fight Injury For Good

Come Back After ACL Tear

Shanon is amazing to watch! She has a competitive spirit and attacks each PT session with determination!  She always brings focus, endurance and her "A" game. Shanon also does a lot of "homework" in her home gym, "Iron Jr.," which we all envy : ). This mama's work has paid off and she is back to her adventurous and active lifestyle of biking, climbing, canyoneering, backpacking, diving, and MORE.



In Her Own Words...

Three Words That Describe You:

Motivated, but Impatient and somewhat Neurotic.

What brought you to PT? I had an ACL tear and Grade 4 meniscus damage in my left knee, followed by surgery (double meniscectomy). I opted to NOT repair the ACL, but to instead use PT to build enough stability in my knee to live an active lifestyle without an ACL. I started PT three days after knee surgery.

How have you benefitted from your PT experience? PT at Iron has not only provided the rehab that I needed, but also the education that I need in order to continue to keep my knee strong. While Dr Mayes and the team have been amazing to guide and motivate me during my PT sessions, it’s been important to me from the start to understand what I need to do on my own, and WHY it’s important. Building stability and balance, developing strength in surrounding muscles like quadriceps and hips, and observing in the mirror how my knee behaves with certain exercises – these are all things I’d never have known if it weren’t for my Dr. Mayes.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury as you? Consider your options! While we have a tendency to follow our orthopedic surgeon’s recommendations, it has become clear to me that a good physical therapist, providing 1:1 personalized attention with a customized program (meaning, not the usual “mill” approach) could absolutely be the best approach, even for an high-octane life of physical activity. And when surgery is the answer, PT is absolutely crucial to rebuild strength and mobility. Surgery is not a quick fix!

What activities are you most excited about getting back to? While I love a lot of activities (biking, climbing, canyoneering, backpacking, diving) and am thrilled that I can get back to them now, I am most excited about the little things. I want to climb 3 flights of stairs taking them 2 at a time. I want to show off to my kids that I can do a two foot vertical jump onto a park bench. I want to sit in a yoga hero or lotus pose comfortably. 10 weeks ago I was a million miles away, now I’m just around the corner from them!

Further, as a new graduate of Iron PT, I am now sadly resigned to my basement, where I’ll carry on the many exercises (e.g., the damn dead lifts) that I’ve been taught by my draconian hard-core physical therapist. Attached is a picture of what I like to call “Iron Jr.”



Runner's World Holiday Running Streak Challenge

By: Rachel Van Beke After reading skinnyshae's blog post regarding the Runner's World Holiday Running Streak I thought, I could do that. It's a nice easy way to be accountable for getting that 30 min of exercise in. But instead of making it all about me, we decided to spread the fitness love and see if any of our patients here at Iron PT wanted to join in!

The rule of the Holiday Running Streak is as follows:

- run 1 mile per day from the day after Thanksgiving (November 23rd) to New Year's Day (January 1st)

Although the rule strictly wants us to run, we are modifying that and allowing our patients to run/walk/elliptical/step/bike 1 mile per day. So far I have only rounded up one other patient, but hopefully more patients will jump on the bandwagon!

Meet the participants:




I'm a 22 year old recent grad who is pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. I am the Office Coordinator at Iron PT and am happy to answer all of your physical therapy related questions!

We hereby pledge to run/walk/elliptical/step/bike at least 1 mile per day from now until New Year's Day.


Are you participating in the Holiday Running Streak?

If any of our patients would like to participate, please let me (Rachel) know at the front desk and I will add you to the roster!

Happy Running!