Is Your Squat Hurting You?

Everybody loves a good squat! It's an efficient exercise  (core, hips, legs) that not only keeps us looking great but also keeps us functionally strong so we can perform everyday tasks like picking up our kids and taking out the trash.

The problem is that many people are focusing on reps, rather than proper form. The biggest casualty I see from this is knee pain.

With some very subtle changes, you can reap all of the benefits of squats without compromising any muscles, tendons, or joints.

There are many elements to a perfect squat, but today I'm going to focus on the importance of knee positioning which is often overlooked.

Here are some tips to keep your knees happy:

  • Stance - Feet should be shoulder width apart or slightly wider. 
  • Feet - Point toes straight forward
  • Gluts - Sit all the way back as if your sitting on the toilet (now I've got your attention)
  • Knees - Here's the secret...As you go all the way back, think about pressing your knees outward. Do not allow them to cave in towards the center or move forward over your toes.

Here's a side view! Notice the improper form on the left. Ouch!!

Here's a front view! Notice how the knees are caving inward on the left. Double Ouch!