ACL Surgery Can't Stop Her...

Patient of the Month - February 2013

We couldn't pick just one person for our February patient of the month! Cheryl and Roxanne are each so outstanding that we wanted to honor both of them.

Meet Cheryl Below! To learn about Roxanne's Journey, Click Here

ACL recovery challenges patients in every way! It is an endurance test of both  physical and mental fortitude. For the last 16 weeks, we have watched Cheryl kick butt (she would say a@#) in every way. In a world of phony, she is the real deal. Even though this may have slowed her down temporarily, we can't wait to hear about her next big adventure.

In her own words....

  • Name: Cheryl L.

  • Occupation: Technical Recruiting Manager

  • Injury: Torn ACL/MCL/Bruised bone

  • Three Words That Describe You: Active, Hyper, Impatient



What brought you to PT? 

Rehab after ACL Reconstruction

How have you benefitted from your PT experience ?

My PT experience definitely helped my recovery tremendously.  Also, I don't hate squats as much as I used to and will actually incorporate them into my workouts going forward.  I also learned better form when performing various exercises. Occasionally we would also discuss nutrition, which I know very little about being a junk food junkie.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury as you?

Be patient and don't get discouraged.  This is a serious injury, and you will experience some setbacks on the road to recovery.  Stick to your PT routine and do your home exercises.

What activities/goals are you most excited about getting back to? 

Zumba and snowboarding are two activities I loved and had to give up until my recovery is complete.  My new goal is to incorporate strength training into my regular workouts, including squats, lunges, and some balancing exercises.

**The criteria for selection were patient compliance, attitude, attendance and Iron PT evangelism**