Total Hip Replacement: Life After Surgery (POM 6/14)

Patient of the Month (June 2014)

"Accept that recovery is a process rather than an eventand set realistically high goals."

Meet Phil (pictured far right at his son's graduation)!



He has been a complete pleasure to work with every step of the way. Instead of doing the bare minimum, I'd catch him on the treadmill increasing the speed and incline to challenge himself. With Phil it was always, "give me more" and "I'll do whatever it takes."

Even while recovering from a total hip replacement, he demonstrated more athletisism, balance and strength than people half his age.

In a world of phony, Phil is refreshingly gracious and genuine. It's also nice to meet someone with such a sincere love and pride for his family.

Phil is the kind of person who has the focus and determination to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. With that said, we look forward to seeing him at an upcoming 5K. Keep up the great work Phil!

In his own words…

Three words to describe me…sincere, friendly, appreciative!

What brought you to PT? Total hip replacement (right side)

How have you benefitted from PT? I have benefitted because Dr. Mayes encouraged me to not see physical therapy as something I had to go through but rather as an opportunity to use it as a gateway back toward the active lifestyle I missed. I first came to physical therapy in a sour mood because of a neck injury that forced me to postpone scheduled hip surgery. I leave physical therapy filled with optimism about what I can do rather than frustrated about what I can’t.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury? Use the injury as motivation, read about successful recoveries, accept that recovery is a process rather than an event and set realistically high goals.

What activities are you most excited about getting back to?Skiing, walking on vacation without whining and in a couple of more months starting to run again. I hope to touch the floor with my knees unbent, run another 5K and then the Thanksgiving Day race in Glen Ridge, chase after my granddaughters, and laugh a lot.