Do I Need Physical Therapy? The Personalized Quiz that Will Tell You Now!

Taking the plunge to get a physical therapy evaluation is a big decision, and it can be more confusing than you would think. Any number of factors can contribute to whether or not you need physical therapy from not sleeping well to numbness to your level of athletic performance. Iron Physical Therapy has narrowed this down for you in a Doctor-Approved, 10-question quiz that tells you if you need physical therapy! The quiz is quick and painless - unlike the discomfort you may be feeling in your body. If you have been going back and forth on whether physical therapy is right for you, this is what the quiz can tell you today:

  1. If you have any red flags that need immediate attention from a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), that you didn’t know were that serious.

  2. If you can benefit from physical therapy - even if you aren’t experiencing severe pain or aren’t injured.

  3. What kind of treatment others with your discomfort or pain have gotten in the past, that is recommended for you.

  4. If you can skip the cost of a primary care copay or MRI and come straight to physical therapy for help.

You can try the physical therapy quiz for yourself here! Good luck!

This is what the quiz looks like!

This is what the quiz looks like!