The Easiest Way to Cut your Next Triathlon Time

It’s triathlon season! Well, the tail end anyway, so I wanted to share the tips and tricks I gathered from all my PT patients to prepare for my first triathlon last month.

Top Tip — Avoid Wasted time in Transition!

I learned that transition is one of the easiest parts of a sprint triathlon to reduce your overall time, and it requires as much practice as any other part of your race. Here are 7 specific ways my experienced triathletes suggested to maximize transition:

1. Use Buckets! Carry all your items with you in 2 buckets (socks, shoes, helmet, glasses, towel, and anything else you need). When you get to your station, turn one bucket upside down to sit on during your transition, and fill the next bucket with a little water to dunk your feet in once you finish your swim. Lay the towel down next to your water bucket so you can step on the towel and put your socks and shoes on.

2. Set up your equipment so you’re not reaching around to find things!

3. Make sure your shoes are untied and your helmet is unbuckled! Your shoes can also be primed with baby powder to make them easy to slide on! Using lock laces for your running shoes will also save a lot of time.

4. Be a minimalist - Don’t take anything with you that you don’t need!!

5. Make your bike stand out - To easily find your bike, drape a brightly colored towel or shirt that you will wear over your bike seat. This will be a good target to look for in the sea of bikes after your swim.

6. Run with your bike out of the transition area - this one requires practice! Especially for me, as a cycling newbie. Practice running next to your bike and mounting it while still moving.

**Bonus: More advanced triathletes will also clip their shoes into their bikes and slide their feet into their shoes while they’re already riding. If this is you, kudos! Here is a link to practice this skill:

7. Drink while you’re on your ride - taking time to sip some water during the transition can waste a lot of time. Taking a sip after you’ve already started moving will save you a lot of time!