The Secret to Distance Running: Podcasts and Audiobooks

What a beautiful morning!!! I made it through my longest run to date, 14.5 miles! As much as I  enjoy exercise and running, training runs longer than 6-7 miles aren't particularly exciting for me. However, I recently made a tweak to my long runs that's made them much more exciting.....podcasts and audiobooks.

I know this is nothing new, but it's new to me who would typically run to just music.

Being a father of two, husband and business owner who's also training for a marathon, I don't have a ton of time to read. So, I actually look forward to longer runs so that I can get back to my podcast or audiobook.

Reading and's great!


  • 14.5 mi; 2 hrs 14 mins; 9'22" average pace; 1626 calories

  • Minutes/mile: 9'36"; 9'19"; 9'19"; 9'46"; 8'44"; 9'19"; 8'47"; 9'00"; 9'08"; 9'12"; 9'10"; 9'05"; 9'49"; 9'39"

  • Stretching, icing and foam rolling