Ironman Triathlete: How she got back on her feet...literally!!



Congratulations Stacey!! When you meet this Ironmother, you know you're crossing paths with someone special. If you've seen her spring up a rope, throw weight over her head or whiz past people in a triathlon, you know she's tough as nails, but she is also one of the kindest and most gracious people you will ever connect with.

Like many competitors, the hardest part of injury is often mental. When you thrive on movement, being sidelined can be devastating and sometimes paralyze your recovery. I had to give my CrossFit buddy some tough love at the beginning, but once she committed, I got nothing but the best. I'm so proud of every bit of effort she put into therapy, and I could not be more excited to see her get back out there. She'll be passing me on the roads again in no time!!!!

In her Own Words…

Three Words to Describe Me: Grateful, Loyal and Determined

What brought you to PT? Two broken bones in my foot coupled with a sprained ankle on January 1st landed me in a boot for 2 months. When the bones did not show proper healing, I was put back on crutches for another month. Finally in April, three months after my accident and still in a boot, I limped into Iron PT.

How have you benefitted from PT? I consider myself a physically active person busy raising three daughters.  My injury caused everything in my life to come to a grinding halt. I could drive but not much else.  Basic household chores and errands became very challenging. The longer the injury lingered, the less activity I was allowed and the more my frustration grew. After one particular doctors appointment, I was told to go home, sit on the couch and do nothing else.  After 10 weeks, that was not what I wanted to hear. After weeks of sitting on the couch, I got the ok to start physical therapy. It was such a relief to just start moving again and begin the process of regaining normal function. Having Dr. Mayes and the Iron PT staff with me every step of my treatment to support and challenge me is the main reason I am back running, riding and swimming today.

What would you say to someone with the same injury?

 Some breaks don't heal as well as others. And when you break the navicular bone in your foot, the healing process can be long and arduous and surgery is sometimes necessary. I would suggest someone with the same injury to see a specialist and line up your physical therapy appointments. After being in a boot for as long as I was caused a lot of mobility issues once the breaks healed. I was at my lowest mentally for my first appointment at Iron PT as it just didn't seem like my foot would ever heal. It was swollen to twice its size and I was walking with a limp. Dr. Mayes told me it was going to be fine, he had seen worse and to change my attitude. It was what I needed to hear. I had to check my negative attitude, get busy working and be patient with my injury. The healing process takes time and you can not hurry it along.

What are you most excited about getting back to? It was an agonizingly long winter which dragged into Spring. I am just so excited to get back to moving without any pain or limitations! I coached my first several lacrosse practices this spring on crutches while trying to maintain some measure of fitness. I had to pull out of my favorite triathlon in Avalon last weekend but knew it was the right decision. I am on the road back and happy to just be lacing up my running shoes again. Although I'm not ready to race, I'm looking forward to doing a few triathlons and working out with Dr. Mayes again at CrossFit. I miss the workouts and the wonderful community of friends there. As I continue to regain my strength and fitness, I am so thankful to have Dr. Mayes and the Iron PT staff in my life!

How I Got Active Again: From Physical Therapy to Mudderella

"I Used to Play Volleyball"

How I Battled Foot Pain to Be Active Again

Meet Leanne, our May patient of the month! When she first started PT, her mantra was, "I used to play volleyball, but I can't do it anymore."

Leanne thought she was a retired athlete who may never play again since her foot just wouldn't cooperate! But with her fierce determination and hard work, she not only began to run, but also signed up to complete a rigorous outdoor obstacle course, the Mudderella! Leanne proved to herself that she doesn't need to limit herself to practicing yoga, but can get out there and stay active! With summer coming, look out for her on the court!

In her Own Words…

Three Words That Describe You:                                   Determined, Compassionate and Gregarious

What brought you to PT? I have struggled with on-going foot pain during activity for over 5 years. I had given up on being able to be active since the doctors ran out of options, and the first round of PT elsewhere had not succeeded. I was frustrated that even yoga was now painful and decided to give PT another try but this time with Iron PT.

How have you benefitted from PT? I thought if something hurt during physical activities, I shouldn't be doing it. Through PT, I learned the safe way to work through the pain and build strength which eventually has substantially reduced my pain. I'm now able to run, hike and will even play volleyball this summer.

What would you say to someone with the same injury? If you already have stress fractures, I would strongly recommend having PT right after you get out of the boot. You lose more strength in those 6 weeks booted than you realize and once the stress fractures develop arthritis, it becomes a life long injury.  

What are you most excited about getting back to?

 I'm excited about just being able to chase my dog around the yard and go for hikes without pain. I'm also signed up for a Mudderella in May and will start to play volleyball again this summer. My future goal is to travel to South America for a 2 week yoga retreat!