Best Sports Bra.

By Meri Mayes


I am active.

I have real breasts that have ranged from 34C to 36DD.

I have had two children.

I need a good sports bra.

I am tired of  trying on hundreds of sports bras that are labeled "high impact", but do nothing. I had resorted to buying size small and wearing two at a time which looked and felt miserable.

I was recently shopping for running shoes at a local specialty store ( and saw a sign that said, "Are you wearing the right sports bra?" I knew the answer to this question and asked the salesperson for help. She led me to the rack of sports bras where I saw the usual "high impact" tag dangling. I was skeptical but headed to the dressing room for my fitting.

To my surprise, I was able to put on the bras without pulling my shoulder out of the socket, and the girls stayed perfectly in place as I jogged around the store.

Victory!!! I brought two different styles of Moving Comfort sports bras (Maia and Juno) and have been test driving them with running, cycling, etc. over the last two months. They have held up perfectly. The straps do stretch a bit, but they have that covered because you can adjust them to be shorter to keep everything high and dry.

So...don't give up but if you actually NEED a sports bra, but you will probably going to shop at a specialty store.

Anybody else find a sports bra they love?