2012 NYC Marathon Training Journal

I had started by logging my daily marathon training on our Iron Physical Therapy Facebook page but realized that didn't provide enough space for me to share some of the thoughts, feelings and insights I've had along the way. I'll start by briefly catching you up on the last five days, but from here on out, I'm excited to use the blog as my daily running journal.

8/1   - Verona park: 6 mi, approx. 50 mins, 8’34” pace and 700 calories (my GPS watch ran out of battery; Added pullups and pushups halfway thru for additional burn!

7/31 – Upper body strengthening: 1200 meters row, bench press, bicep curls, dips, pullups, rotator cuff

7/30 – Slow long run: 12 mi, 1hr 57mins, 9:50 pace, 1356 calories

7/29 – Day off!

7/28 – Joined the Essex Running Club | Northern New Jersey's Friendliest Running Club on the West Essex Trail – 6 mi, 51’17”, 8:41 pace 701 calories