5 Things to Improve Marathon Training (5 weeks left)

The NYC marathon is only 5 weeks away, but that's still enough time to make some adjustments to our training. Here are 5 tips to help you stay on the right track: 1. Increase flexibility.

Being a physical therapist, I probably stretch more than most. However, listening to my body in recent days, it's telling me I need to do more to improve my flexibility. So, now I have regular "dates" with the foam roller and stretch out strap while enjoying a little mindless TV.

2. Be more consistent with fuel intake and sleep prior to long runs.

I feel a noticeable difference when I consume appropriate carbs 24-48 hours prior to the dreaded long run. And do I really need to say anything about the importance of getting enough sleep?

3. Increase core and hip strengthening.

I've recently starting participating in the plank-a-day challenge on twitter.  It's a fun way to hold yourself accountable to ongoing core strengthening. In addition, hip strengthening is crucial for maintaining proper running form as we enter double digit mileage. It can also go a long way in preventing common knee injuries.

4. Improve post-run recovery.

I've recently begun using compression socks after my long runs and I love 'em! Electrolytes + protein shake + compression socks have worked well for me thus far.

5. Better time management.

I  will continue striving for better planning of my run schedule, snacking, hydration, strengthening, etc. The first time I ran a marathon, I was in grad school, and it was just me and my wife. Now, I'm a busy business owner and dad to two beautiful girls, so time management is crucial...and difficult. It hasn't been easy, but I have an amazing wife who helps me tremendously!


  • 12 mi; 1 hr 41mins; avg pace 8'34"; 1432

  • Minutes/miles: 8'50", 8'22", 7'56", 8'06", 8'07", 8'02", 8'15", 8'41", 8'23", 9'01", 9'11", 8'43"

IRON PT WOD: 9/28 - Date night with my wife for her birthday!


  • 9.24 mi; 1hr 15min; avg pace - 8'13"; 1,125 calories

  • Min/Mile: 8'25", 7'57", 7'35", 7'50", 7'56", 7'45", 8'13", 8'38", 8'39", 2'05"

  • Upper body strengthening: Bench press, bicep curls, triceps extensions


  • 5.11mi; 44min 23sec; avg pace - 8'49"; 584 calories

  • Min/Mile: 9'29", 8'39", 8'30", 6'08", 8'45", 2'50"


  • 9.29 mi; 1hour 22min; avg pace - 8'57"; 1,061 calories

  • Min/Mile: 9'09", 8'26", 8'21", 8'46", 9'03", 8'20", 9'02", 9'12", 9'19", 2'45"