Top 5 Blog Posts and Things You May Have Missed in 2012!

Happy New Year and

Happy 1st Anniversary to our Blog!

It's been an exciting year at IronPT and we feel incredibly blessed to have connected with so many people in our clinic and online.

The goal for our blog was simple -- we wanted to help people manage (and avoid) injuries so they could feel better than they ever thought possible.

We fumbled and bumbled through some of the technology, but 5,000+ views later, I think we've finally found our stride.

It's also been an exciting year at our clinic! We've watched our practice double in size, and we've brought three new people onto our team. We've run marathons (literally and figuratively), and we've been recognized by national media.

We attribute this success  to our wonderful community of Caldwell, NJ and to our rare healthcare model where we spend EXTRA TIME to assess and connect with patients as a whole person. Nothing could be better than doing what you love!!

In case you missed it, here were the most popular blog posts from 2012!

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2012

There are so many exciting things coming in 2013 and you'll be the first to know....