From Physical Therapy to CrossFit Competition (POM 1/14)

Patient of the Month

Sheri came to physical therapy with a mission. She was determined to tackle her knee pain so she could compete in the Shoreline CrossFit Master's Competition. She worked tirelessly during therapy and faithfully completed her home exercise program.  Sheri also modified her workouts while in recovery which is often the hardest thing for athletes. Needless to say, after only 8 weeks in therapy she competed in the CrossFit competition,  and we know that's just the beginning for this amazing lady.



In Her Own Words...

Three Words to Describe You: Competitive, Friendly,  Athletic

What brought you into Physical Therapy? Knee Pain 

How have your benefitted from PT?

My knee feels so much better. Dr Mayes is truly a credit to his profession.


What would you recommend to someone with the same injury?

I will recommend anyone I know with an injury to Iron PT. The staff is so friendly


What activities are you most excited about getting back to?

I am so excited to get back to CrossFit and other fitness activities. My goal is to be the best I can be. GET BETTER BE BETTER!