How To Save Your Back with Safe Holiday Lifting!

Save Your Back with Safe Lifting

ow does Santa deliver gifts to over 365,000 children per minute and with no back pain?  

He lifts correctly and safely!

Before you lift the object, think about where you need it to go

If you are lifting from the floor, kneel with one foot on the floor or squat down

Never lean over at the waist and pull!

Keep it close!

Keep your back straight, don’t round!

Use your leg muscles, not your back

Move slowly and controlled, don’t twist!

If you have to turn, move your feet, not your waist

Slowly place the object down, keeping your back straight

When in doubt, ask an elf or two for help!

Stay safe!

Marnie Wortman

Marnie Wortman

By Dr. Marnie Wortman, DPT, ART, Cert.MDT, CKTP