Snow Removal Safety Tips!

Shoveling is sno’ joke!

Winter is upon us! Here are some tips to keep you safe and pain free!

1) Warm up for about 10 minutes. Get your blood moving with a brisk  walk, marching in place or other full-body movement. Also include some upper and lower body stretching.

2) Wear shoe chains and watch your step as you go down the slippery stairs to begin shoveling.Many people get hurt before they even begin.

3) Choose the correct shovel. Nothing too big/small or too heavy.

4) Shovel early and often so snow does not become too heavy.

5) Make sure you can see what you are shoveling. Do not let a scarf or hat hide your vision.

6) Watch out for uneven surfaces or icy patches.

7) Push, rather than lift, the snow when possible.

8) Use proper lifting technique including a focus on using your legs to lift the shovel, not your back. 

9)  Do not twist your back or upper body.

10) Do not throw snow over your shoulder.

11) Push 3 times to the Left, then 3 times to the Right.

12) Pace yourself and rest frequently.

13) If your doctor has told you not to lift or shovel, then LISTEN! Ask a neighbor/local kid for help or hire a snow removal service. It's NOT worth doing further damage to an injury!!

Snowblower Safety:

1) Be aware of where the cord is so you don't trip.

2) Never put your hands in the snowblower.

3) Walk slowly and carefully and have a firm hold on the machine.

4) Watch out for any uneven surfaces of icy patches.

How do you keep the snow from giving you cold feet? 

Don't go around BRRfooted! : ))

Marnie Wortman

Marnie Wortman

By Dr. Marnie Wortman, DPT, ART, CF-L1