From a Cane to CrossFit

This month's Patient of the Month is...



Strong, determined, and fierce are just a few words I would use to describe our next patient of the month, Isha!

This powerful woman didn't have an easy ride! When we first met Isha she was upset by a recent set back in her recovery, which led her to Iron. After her first session, we knew we could keep the momentum going... and she never slowed down!

Isha went from walking into Iron PT with a cane day one, to waving as she runs by during Crossfit! She is unstoppable!

In Her Own Words…

Three Words to describe you: Tenacious, friendly and spontaneous (sometimes)



What brought you to PT? I came into physical therapy because I suffered a tibial plateau fracture with a dislocated knee, half torn ACL and thrown off meniscus. When I came to Iron, I had regressed from walking to walking with a terrible limp, a cane and was in a lot of pain. I desperately wanted to feel “normal” again.

What exercise or technique helped you the most? I think ART was the technique that helped me the most. Dr. Wortman would perform this technique on my leg. I was always amazed at how much better my leg would feel immediately afterwards, and I would be able to walk pain free for a while.

How would you describe physical therapy to people who don't know what it is? Physical therapy is the greatest thing ever!! I have gone to physical therapy for other reasons before and have always walked away with increased knowledge of body movement and feeling better. Physical therapy is about showing you how your body should move to correct imbalances that have led to pain. Physical therapy is also about rebuilding after injuries, big or small.

What would you say to someone who is living in pain and putting off physical therapy? Don’t do it!! Stop living in pain! Stop performing the movements that are causing you pain or discomfort. It isn’t going to just go away or get better on its own. Get off your butt and visit a physical therapist.

What activities are you most excited about getting back to? Crossfit! I thought I would never be able to get back into Crossfit after my injury. But, it is because Dr. Wortman and everyone else at Iron, that I am back to doing the exercise I love. My next step is to strut in my heels again.

What did you enjoy about the PT experience? I enjoyed the personal approach I had with my PT experience. My first PT location after my accident ran like a mill. There was no personal interaction. I loved getting to know all of the staff members. Everyone cheers you on, and is rooting for you to get better. It is a great environment to be in!