This Golfer Chooses Physical Therapy Over Pain Every Time


With his bright smile and long history at the clinic, this Patient of the Month is basically the honorary mayor of Iron PT! 


Never a session goes by where Dr. Wacha doesn't see someone he knows or make friends with someone new! Always full of life and willing to work hard, it has been a breeze watching him go through physical therapy. 


When "The Doc" walks into the clinic, the positive energy in the room is unmistakable! 


~ Dr. Marnie Wortman, DPT


1) List three words to describe you: Compassionate, Friendly, Sense-of-humor

2) What brought you into physical therapy? I was referred to Iron four years ago after knee replacement surgery by a friend who had just gone through the same surgery and PT.

3) How would you describe physical therapy to people who don't know what it is? Physical therapy is performing exercises and movements, monitored by professionals, who try to get you back in physical shape. PT also optimizes function after surgery or injury.

4) What exercise or technique helped you the most? I have had PT at Iron for three different issues--left knee replacement, lower back pain and shoulder replacement, spanning four years. I cannot label the techniques used, but I can attest to their effectiveness and duration of their success.

5) What would you say to someone who is living in pain and putting off physical therapy? Life is about choices. Choose to continue to suffer and be plagued by an injury or choose to give yourself a chance for a remedy. When you are ready for a change in direction, you will know. Choosing PT is a wise path. You deserve the opportunity for relief.

6) What activities are you most excited about getting back to? PT got me back to playing golf after knee replacement and lower back pain. Now I am looking forward to getting back to golf again after shoulder replacement, and getting my handicap back to the low teens.

7) What did you enjoy most about your PT experience? PT can be challenging at times, but the environment is conducive to support, understanding and healing. The staff is fun to work with and they show constant encouragement and dedication to your success. 

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