Iron Physical Therapy at Midland Park Crossfit Bison Competition

Iron Physical Therapy at Midland Park Crossfit Bison Competition

This month, we attended the second annual Bison Classic Crossfit Competition in Midland Park, New Jersey - where we will be opening our second location this summer! These impressive athletes showed how strength and recovery go hand-in-hand after being treated with Active Release Technique, Kinesio Taping, and Normatec Recovery Boots!

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How I Got Active Again: From Physical Therapy to Mudderella

"I Used to Play Volleyball"

How I Battled Foot Pain to Be Active Again

Meet Leanne, our May patient of the month! When she first started PT, her mantra was, "I used to play volleyball, but I can't do it anymore."

Leanne thought she was a retired athlete who may never play again since her foot just wouldn't cooperate! But with her fierce determination and hard work, she not only began to run, but also signed up to complete a rigorous outdoor obstacle course, the Mudderella! Leanne proved to herself that she doesn't need to limit herself to practicing yoga, but can get out there and stay active! With summer coming, look out for her on the court!

In her Own Words…

Three Words That Describe You:                                   Determined, Compassionate and Gregarious

What brought you to PT? I have struggled with on-going foot pain during activity for over 5 years. I had given up on being able to be active since the doctors ran out of options, and the first round of PT elsewhere had not succeeded. I was frustrated that even yoga was now painful and decided to give PT another try but this time with Iron PT.

How have you benefitted from PT? I thought if something hurt during physical activities, I shouldn't be doing it. Through PT, I learned the safe way to work through the pain and build strength which eventually has substantially reduced my pain. I'm now able to run, hike and will even play volleyball this summer.

What would you say to someone with the same injury? If you already have stress fractures, I would strongly recommend having PT right after you get out of the boot. You lose more strength in those 6 weeks booted than you realize and once the stress fractures develop arthritis, it becomes a life long injury.  

What are you most excited about getting back to?

 I'm excited about just being able to chase my dog around the yard and go for hikes without pain. I'm also signed up for a Mudderella in May and will start to play volleyball again this summer. My future goal is to travel to South America for a 2 week yoga retreat!

Back on the Slopes After Knee Surgery (POM 3/15)

Coming Back from Knee Surgery

Meet Rosalie, our amazing patient of the month! Going through chronic pain and surgery can take it's toll on your body, mind and spirit; but this busy mom and athlete was determined to make a full recovery.

Even while she might be cursing Dr. Mayes as she gasped for air during her exercise program, she always had a smile, laugh and the determination to keep going! We are so excited to see Rosalie get back to the things she loves, but we will definitely miss her fun, feisty and kind-hearted presence in the clinic. 

Rosalie is also a successful realtor! If you need someone great to work with while buying/selling, then Click hereto see her info.

In her own words…

What brought you to Iron Physical TherapyUnfortunately, my knee surgery brought me to PT.  Prior to my surgery I had been experiencing knee pain for about a year which resulted in my injury.  

How have you benefitted from PT? Dr. Mayes has encouraged me to realize the importance of committing to a healthy and fit regimen that has ultimately changed my life. I'm eating healthy, working out, and thinking more positively.

What would you say to someone with the same injury? Exercise is not an option (especially after the 12th anniversary of my 30th birthday! LOL)  I have never felt stronger physically and mentally!  

What are you most excited about getting back to? I am looking forward to continuing my new regimen and I am especially excited about skiing and biking with my family!  

2014: Year in Review



In 2014, we saw our business grow over 70%!

When we opened our doors almost four years ago, we dreamed of creating something radical...highly personalized healthcare. We believed people were as tired of the big box approach as we were. We also believed that athletes would respond positively to being treated by other athletes. We are so grateful to be part of a community that has embraced this philosophy. We would not be able to do any of this without your loyalty and support.

We purchased a building in Caldwell so that we could continue to grow and really put down roots in the community we love so much!

We hired four new staff members, including another Doctor of Physical Therapy, who really share the vision of our practice and provide our patients with the highest level of care. These people are amazing!

We continued our partnership withFleet Feet MontclairandEssex Running Clubto support our local runners. It was a thrill to see so many of our patients complete 5Ks, half/full marathons and IRONMANs this year.

We hosted our 2nd annual 9-mile training run, the IRON9!

We further established ourselves as a leader in CrossFit consultation and rehab. It was amazing to see our athletes at every level reach new heights. It was especially exciting to see three of our staff members compete this year!!

We provided top level treatment for our middle school, high school and college athletes including sponsorship of CWC Soccer and several adult leagues.

For the third year in row, we were nominated as one of the Best Physical Therapy clinics in Essex County!

Our Doctors completed additional certifications to stay on top of their game!

Dr. Mayes earned certifications inSpinal Manipulation, Active Release Technique (Spine)and attended the Donny Shankle Weightlifting Seminar.

Dr. Wortman earned certifications in theMcKenzie Methodandbecame certified as aCrossFit Level I Trainer.

Most importantly, we had the privilege to partner with our patients on their journey to get better and be better. We honor each person who walked through our doors and showed us what real courage and perseverance look like.

Stay tuned for another great year in 2015! Lots of exciting things on the horizon...