Rheumatoid Arthritis and Physical Therapy

Meet Holly....Patient of the Month for July 2013

Holly is nothing short of amazing!  She fills our early mornings with laughter and has a consistently positive attitude.

She has approached her physical therapy with grace and determination, just as she has with life’s challenges. Her passion to embrace life is contagious and her taste in shoes is unreal!

In her own words....

  Three words that describe you: Outgoing, courageous, with a hint of sarcasm! (we agree-ha!)

What brought you to PT? I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was six years old and developed a bunion on my right foot.I had surgery to repair it in February 2013. The doctor “broke” and pinned the bones, as well as removed some damaged tissue.

How have you benefitted from your PT experience?Going to physical therapy has been great! I attend two times a week and love Iron PT. The entire staff is wonderful. Aside from the mild torture Dr. Mayes puts my foot through on my early am visits, I really enjoy coming and have found it to be extremely beneficial and dare I say fun too!! I have seen a great improvement in the range of motion in my foot since I started attending about two months ago.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury as you? In my case due to the RA, regaining range of motion has been a tough process. I did not start PT until about four months after my surgery, which was too long. As soon as you are “back on your feet” and it is safe to proceed with PT, get started! The sooner, the better.

What activities are you most excited about getting back to?Well, as the Iron PT staff all know, I want to get back in my high heels. We have made our way back to 2 inch heels, now to get into the 4 inch ones. I do not wear them often, after all I do not want another bunion, but a young lady has to have her heels for a night out!