Knee Surgery: Understand YOUR Body And Fight Injury For Good

Come Back After ACL Tear

Shanon is amazing to watch! She has a competitive spirit and attacks each PT session with determination!  She always brings focus, endurance and her "A" game. Shanon also does a lot of "homework" in her home gym, "Iron Jr.," which we all envy : ). This mama's work has paid off and she is back to her adventurous and active lifestyle of biking, climbing, canyoneering, backpacking, diving, and MORE.



In Her Own Words...

Three Words That Describe You:

Motivated, but Impatient and somewhat Neurotic.

What brought you to PT? I had an ACL tear and Grade 4 meniscus damage in my left knee, followed by surgery (double meniscectomy). I opted to NOT repair the ACL, but to instead use PT to build enough stability in my knee to live an active lifestyle without an ACL. I started PT three days after knee surgery.

How have you benefitted from your PT experience? PT at Iron has not only provided the rehab that I needed, but also the education that I need in order to continue to keep my knee strong. While Dr Mayes and the team have been amazing to guide and motivate me during my PT sessions, it’s been important to me from the start to understand what I need to do on my own, and WHY it’s important. Building stability and balance, developing strength in surrounding muscles like quadriceps and hips, and observing in the mirror how my knee behaves with certain exercises – these are all things I’d never have known if it weren’t for my Dr. Mayes.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury as you? Consider your options! While we have a tendency to follow our orthopedic surgeon’s recommendations, it has become clear to me that a good physical therapist, providing 1:1 personalized attention with a customized program (meaning, not the usual “mill” approach) could absolutely be the best approach, even for an high-octane life of physical activity. And when surgery is the answer, PT is absolutely crucial to rebuild strength and mobility. Surgery is not a quick fix!

What activities are you most excited about getting back to? While I love a lot of activities (biking, climbing, canyoneering, backpacking, diving) and am thrilled that I can get back to them now, I am most excited about the little things. I want to climb 3 flights of stairs taking them 2 at a time. I want to show off to my kids that I can do a two foot vertical jump onto a park bench. I want to sit in a yoga hero or lotus pose comfortably. 10 weeks ago I was a million miles away, now I’m just around the corner from them!

Further, as a new graduate of Iron PT, I am now sadly resigned to my basement, where I’ll carry on the many exercises (e.g., the damn dead lifts) that I’ve been taught by my draconian hard-core physical therapist. Attached is a picture of what I like to call “Iron Jr.”



Patient of the Month: December 2012

We are so excited to announce our second ever patient of the month. The criteria for selection were patient compliance, attitude, attendance and Iron PT evangelism. 

Despite being in pain, there are certain patients whose spunk, humor, and caring nature can bring energy and life to the entire clinic. You look forward to their appointments and you always gain as much as you give.


Name:  Karen C.

Injury: Torn Meniscus

Occupation: Payroll/Pension Fund Supervisor

Three Words That Describe You: Loyal, Maternal, Protective



What brought you to PT?

Knee Surgery

How have you benefitted from PT (physically or mentally)?

Physically I have made great progress! Mentally, my experience in physical therapy has given me the encouragement to push myself to achieve goals I once thought impossible for me.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury?

Listen to the professionals and do your homework!  And of course go to Iron Physical Therapy!

What activities are you most excited about getting back to? 

The activities I was most excited to get back to were not that exciting...they were  just everyday things like going up and down stairs, cleaning the house etc., but since coming to Iron PT I have changed.

I never considered myself someone who could commit to an exercise program, but now I have a different outlook on my well being. In addition to doing the homework from Dr. G, I have been walking a mile a day (sometime more) since Thanksgiving.  If I miss  one day, I'll do two miles the next day to make up for it. This is something I would not have been doing had I not come to Iron Physical Therapy!

Any new goals now that you are feeling better?

With the help of Dr. Mayes, the goal I have set for myself is to commit to a 5k this year.  I am excited and cannot wait to sign up !