Stay in Your Lane - Ego vs. Injury

I've been treating a lot of heavy duty athletes and CrossFitters lately, and I find myself ending sessions with the same advice... "STAY IN YOUR LANE!"

You know that're in the middle of a workout and your body's telling you something's not quite right, but your ego's telling you to keep going. This is especially true in a group fitness setting.

I am not referring to a mental roadblock (a.k.a., fear) here, but a physical one. You distinctively feel that part of your body is weak and vulnerable.

In these critical injury prevention moments, it's important to listen to your body and STAY IN YOUR LANE. What does this mean?



  • Set your own goals (e.g., mileage, weight, etc.) and stick to them. Don't get sidetracked and dangerously veer in and out of your lane because you see people whizzing past you.

  • Compete with yourself! You can be in your own lane and still go faster and harder. Challenging yourself is part of the thrill!

  • Workout with people (e.g. running group, CrossFit gym, fitness class) who value injury prevention, mobility and openly advocate modifications. Move on if you are not in a supportive environment.

  • Don't give up and take the nearest exit. Keep moving forward! Modify your workout, cross train, rehab when necessary.

  • Accept that your lane is unique! You may have a dirt road with potholes and someone else might have beautiful new pavement, but your lane can still take you on an exciting adventure.

  • Find joy in your own progress. Enjoy the ride!