Common Running Injury: Plantar Fasciitis, Part I

I'm seeing an increasing number of patients with heel and foot pain...the dreaded plantar fasciitis. So, what is plantar fasciitis? The plantar fascia is the connective tissue on the bottom of your foot that originates from your inner heel and extends through your arch to the base of your toes.

Due to a wide range of variables (Overpronation, calf tightness, change in footwear, sudden increase in running/walking mileage, weight gain, foot structure, and many others), there can be increased pull at the point where this plantar fascia originates from the heel. This inflammation and microtears of the plantar fascia can be very painful! The most common signs are pinpoint tenderness on your inner heel and PAIN during your first few steps in the morning. This can put a serious damper on your training or even sideline you for a period of time.

So, what do do about it?.....more to come.

IRON PT WOD @ 2:00 PM (08/14/2012) - Strengthening, no running

  • Bench press: 7,805 total pounds during workout

  • Leg raises lying on my side: 3 x15

  • Clean & press: 3 sets of 115 lbs x 6

  • Bicep Curls

  • Pull-ups: 2 x 10

  • Rotator cuff - external rotation

IRON PT WOD @ 9:44 AM (08/15/2012)

  • 6.0 mi; 53'15"; 8’49″ average pace; 715calories

  • Minutes/mile: 9'13", 8'13", 8'00", 8'07", 8'33", 5'45"

  • Stretching and foam rolling