Train in a Tribe: The Benefits for Running with a Group

If you're like me, most of your running is done solo. This is usually due to convenience or out of the desire to have a minute to yourself. Whatever the reason, I strongly encourage you to run with a friend or group a day or two each week.

I ran with others twice this week and not only found it more fun, but it also challenged me to push my pace. In addition, it's a great time to share tips on:

  • training,

  • running shoes,

  • clothing/gear,

  • nutrition,

  • life, etc.

Camaraderie is a nice change of pun intended!

IRON PT WOD - 8/18/2012 -   A full 48 hours of rest...what a wonderful and rare thing while training for a marathon. My wife and I had an indulgent overnight in NYC yesterday (for our anniversary 2 weeks ago), so it was a great to take a break from training to enjoy the wonders of the Big Apple. Eating, shopping, massages....and no kids.



IRON PT WOD - 8/19/2012 - Day 2 of our adventure in NYC ... I had a fun, refreshing  6 mile tempo run in Central Park with my wife among other NYC Marathon participants who were doing an official training run.