Freedom Run: No GPS Watch

In training for the upcoming NYC Marathon, I've enjoyed using my GPS watch to track my progress and keep me honest, but today was a day of freedom. I turned on the GPS function this morning only to find that I was out of battery. I was momentarily frustrated that I hadn't charged my watch the night before, but I quickly changed my tune and just enjoyed the run.

It was as if I  had  a new found freedom and was allowed to run without any feedback. So, I cranked up the tunes and had a great 4 mile run combined with a quick pitstop at the pull-up bar for some upper body burn.

It was probably one of my fastest runs (go figure), and I'm curious as to what my time would've been, but that's exactly why I needed it.

Take your watch off today and enjoy a freedom run!



IRON PT WOD: 10/26/2012

  • Approx. 4 miles....freedom run. NO GPS!!

  • 30 pull-ups