Returning to Golf After Surgery

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Returning to Golf After Hamstring Surgery

Meet Deb! This kind, funny and hard-working golfer is one of my favorite people ever, and she’s not afraid of a little sweat! Despite having a longer course of rehab due to surgery, Deb continues to show up at each session with a contagiously positive attitude and work ethic to match. She has the grit and determination to rise up to whatever challenge is being thrown her way....even joking along the way!

She came into Iron on crutches, but now walks out to join friends on the golf course. We're super excited to honor Deb as one of Iron's best!

~ Dr. Mayes PT, DPT


1) List three words to describe you: Optimistic, Hard-working, Resilient

2) What brought you into physical therapy? Rehabilitation following hamstring repair, sciatic neurolysis, and lesser trochanter resection surgeries

3) How would you describe physical therapy to people who don't know what it is?  Physical therapy restores function and gets your body working to its full potential.

3) What exercise or technique helped you the most? Active Release Technique (ART) helped me the most!

4) What would you say to someone who is living in pain and putting off physical therapy? I'd say, for every day you delay going to physical therapy you are delaying your chance at being pain free, or at the very least being in less pain. Who doesn't want that?

5) What activities are you most excited about getting back to? I am most excited to just live each day with less pain. I’m looking forward to playing golf, getting back to the gym, and doing yoga again so I can continue to build muscle and get even stronger.

6) What did you enjoy most about your PT experience? Other than progressing from walking on crutches and being unable to even dress myself to being able to walk 3-4 miles at a time and do split squats holding two 10 pound dumb bells, I most enjoyed going into Iron PT and seeing everyone that worked there. From the doctors to the staff, I looked forward to seeing each of them every week.