Montclair Bread Owner Makes Full Recovery After Major Bike Accident

Montclair Bread Owner Makes Full Recovery After Major Bike Accident

After a major bike accident sidelined this triathlete, our Patient of the Month Rachel (and beloved owner of Montclair Bread Company) was one of the hardest working, most dedicated patients we’ve ever seen. True to form, she blew all expectations out of the water and her surgeon recently said she was a full 6-12 months ahead of where all the science and his experience said she should be. Read more about Rachel’s unbelievable recovery here!

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2015 New Year's Resolutions: One Week Later

It's been a week! How are you doing with your New Year's Resolution(s)?

75% of resolutions usually last through the entire first week of January, but only 46% make it past six months.

The University of Scranton also found that 39% of people in their 20s will achieve their resolution each year while only 14% of people over 50 years of age will achieve theirs.

So how can you be in the successful group?? Here are two ideas to keep you going all year long:


A resolution does not need to be stagnant. Even after a week, you may need to adjust your goal, but that doesn't mean you have to abandon it altogether.

Maybe instead of committing to complete 10 home projects this year, you focus on FINISHING just four, one each quarter. 


Maybe your resolution was big and vague like "get healthy" or maybe it involved a complex 300-page diet book. Now that you've had a week to think about things, it's a great time to determine if your goal is actually achievable and measurable. Here are some simple health goals to get you refocused. You can always add more as you go through the year. 

  • Sit less, stand more...get up from chair once every 30 minutes

  • Drink more water…start each day with one 8 oz glass of water

  • Walk more and/or longer distances…take the stairs

  • Sleep more…go to bed 30 minutes earlier

  • Snack smarter…pack two nutritious snacks for work each day

  • Spend more time outdoors…find a walking/running buddy

  • Eat breakfast…lay it out the night before

  • Get off the scale…hide it if you must

  • Address Injuries…ask friends to recommend a local physical therapist

Make this year your healthiest and most active year yet!

Patient of the Month: December 2012

We are so excited to announce our second ever patient of the month. The criteria for selection were patient compliance, attitude, attendance and Iron PT evangelism. 

Despite being in pain, there are certain patients whose spunk, humor, and caring nature can bring energy and life to the entire clinic. You look forward to their appointments and you always gain as much as you give.


Name:  Karen C.

Injury: Torn Meniscus

Occupation: Payroll/Pension Fund Supervisor

Three Words That Describe You: Loyal, Maternal, Protective



What brought you to PT?

Knee Surgery

How have you benefitted from PT (physically or mentally)?

Physically I have made great progress! Mentally, my experience in physical therapy has given me the encouragement to push myself to achieve goals I once thought impossible for me.

What would you recommend to someone who has the same injury?

Listen to the professionals and do your homework!  And of course go to Iron Physical Therapy!

What activities are you most excited about getting back to? 

The activities I was most excited to get back to were not that exciting...they were  just everyday things like going up and down stairs, cleaning the house etc., but since coming to Iron PT I have changed.

I never considered myself someone who could commit to an exercise program, but now I have a different outlook on my well being. In addition to doing the homework from Dr. G, I have been walking a mile a day (sometime more) since Thanksgiving.  If I miss  one day, I'll do two miles the next day to make up for it. This is something I would not have been doing had I not come to Iron Physical Therapy!

Any new goals now that you are feeling better?

With the help of Dr. Mayes, the goal I have set for myself is to commit to a 5k this year.  I am excited and cannot wait to sign up !