How I Fuel Up During a Run

NYC Marathon Training: Day 36 It was humid from the very start of the run so I was happy that I brought along extra water and gatorade. I wear a hydration belt that holds up to 4 small water bottles whenever I run longer than 7-8 miles. Otherwise, I'll just run with a bottle in hand.

I also like to take a GU energy gel after approx. 45 mins of running on my long days to help replenish carbs, amino acids and electrolytes.  So make sure you stay hydrated and replenish your carbs and electrolytes!

IRON PT WOD @ 7:00 AM -  Slow long run

  • 10 mi; 1 hr 31 mins, 9:13 pace; 1119 calories

  • Static stretching

Olympic note: CONGRATS TO USA WOMEN'S SOCCER TODAY!! What a great goal in the 123rd minute by Alex Morgan!

Inspired by the Olympics!

NYC Marathon Training: Day 35 As I turned on the Olympics this morning while doing my dynamic warmup and drinking my coffee, I was energized by the women marathoners battling it out.

What amazing athletes these women are! I hadn't originally planned to do a tempo run, but I was inspired to push my pace a little harder today. Plus, I wanted to get home in time to see who would win the marathon!

IRON PT WOD @ 7:00 AM -

  • Dynamic warmup and foam rolling

  • 5.19 mi; 42'04", 8:13 pace; 641 calories

  • Static stretching

  • 5:00 PM: Strength training - Just a quick upper body circuit before taking the girls to the pool!

Evening - A wonderful night out with the love of my life on my 11th anniversary...

Favorite Song on My Running Playlist

NYC Marathon Training: Day 33

Happy Friday!!! With all the Olympic excitement going on, my bedtime seems to be getting later, thus making it a bit tough to get up for my morning run.

However, with a little help from my morning cup of joe and Jimi Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner” (the first song on my NYC Marathon mix), I was amped up and ready to go!


6.32 mi; 55’14”; 8:49 pace; 732 calories

25 pull ups for some additional burn

Ankle exercises with theraband