Inspired by the Olympics!

NYC Marathon Training: Day 35 As I turned on the Olympics this morning while doing my dynamic warmup and drinking my coffee, I was energized by the women marathoners battling it out.

What amazing athletes these women are! I hadn't originally planned to do a tempo run, but I was inspired to push my pace a little harder today. Plus, I wanted to get home in time to see who would win the marathon!

IRON PT WOD @ 7:00 AM -

  • Dynamic warmup and foam rolling

  • 5.19 mi; 42'04", 8:13 pace; 641 calories

  • Static stretching

  • 5:00 PM: Strength training - Just a quick upper body circuit before taking the girls to the pool!

Evening - A wonderful night out with the love of my life on my 11th anniversary...